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Seth Rogen and James Franco Recreate Bound 2 Video

An introduction is almost useless to this video. The video says everything that needs to be said. While filming their new film The Interview James Franco and Seth Rogen created a shot for shot remake of the Kanye West video Bound 2 which usually features a rather shirtless Kim Kardashian. Well, this version just might be better. I know what you’re thinking. Better than topless Kim? Yes. Better than topless […]


‘James Franco’s Sal To Be Released After Two Year Delay

James Franco has been working hard to shift his creative output from acting to directing. He’s got twenty two different credits under the directing tag on IMDB. He’s a work horse. He gets in there, does the job and gets out. Thanks to this En Mass approach to directing, he’s begining to generate some serious heat when it comes to potential directing gigs. As such, as film that he’s been […]


‘This Is The End’ Blooper Reel

‘This Is The End’ is one of the best comedy films to be released in the last ten years. It just is. The film is hilarious, he high concept is perfect and the execution is flawless. You know what the only thing that’s more funny than the actual film is? The blooper reel. Here’s hoping that Seth Rogen and writing/directing partner Evan Goldberg have another romp in mind for this […]