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FIMO INTERVIEW: David A. Prior & Ted Prior

David A. Prior and Ted Prior are the brothers behind such movies as Future Zone, Sledgehammer, and Deadly Prey. The brothers have created over thirty feature films together. David A Prior, writer and director, along with his brother Ted Prior, actor, have produced stories set in a myriad of genre. They’ve created everything from horror films to action pictures to scifi romps. The brothers produced most of their body of […]


Jason David Frank is Returning to Power Rangers

Well, it looks like the 90’s are still alive and kicking. It’s just been confirmed, by the man himself, that Tommy aka The Green Ranger and the White Ranger will be appearing in, the new incarnation of the Power Ranger, Megaforce. In a piece for TMZ Jason David Frank says that he’d gladly return to the roll for only a dollar. You can watch the entire video here: