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The Transporter Reboot Is Now In Production

The Transporter, one of the more memorable action franchises of the early 2000’s, is coming back to theaters. It’s going to star Ed Skrein as the driver aka Frank aka Not Jason Statham. The film will be titled The Transporter Legacy and presumably deals with the driver post-transporter 3. Well apparently now it’s going to be a feature film trilogy. There were additional rumors that it would be a complete […]


Jason Statham To Star In ‘Layer Cake’ Sequel

Matthew Vaughn is one of the most interesting filmmakers currently working. He originally came from the producing side of things, having had a massive influence over Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels as well as Snatch. In 2005, he branched out into directed by helming the adaptation of a J.J. Connolly novel titled Layer Cake. The film starred a British up-and-comer Daniel Craig. Layer Cake would go on […]