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Don Cheadle Takes To Indiegogo To Start ‘Miles Ahead’

Don Cheadle has been working on a biopic of Mile Davis for almost a decade. It’s a known fact that Cheadle has wanted to play the iconic Jazz musician. In an interesting twist Cheadle, and his co-conspirators are taking to Indiegogo in order to finance the film. So far they’ve raised nearly 80,000 dollars. They’re asking of 325,000. I’d wager that they’ll meet that goal relatively soon. Cheadle explains the […]

George Duke

Producer/Keyboardist George Duke Dead at 67

Music industry icon George Duke, known for his keyboard work and ability to cross multiple genres, passed away Monday in Los Angeles. He was 67. Although primarily associated with jazz (initially gaining fame as the leader of the George Duke Trio), in his career Duke also ventured into R&B, funk pop, rock, avant-garde and even Brazilian pop. Besides releasing 30 solo albums across his career, Duke collaborated with some of […]


Ben Fold Five Goes “Live”

Ben Folds/Sony Music (2013)

Anyone else as glad as me to hear these guys together again? Not that Ben Folds isn’t awesome on his own, because he is. But there’s just something about when Ben Folds Five come together with their synergy of pop, rock and jazz that sends me. That synergy doesn’t just come across in their records; it also makes for some amazing live performances. Happily for us, when BFF reunited and […]


“Tonight Show” Drummer Ed Shaughnessy Passes Away

An icon from the Doc Severinsen Tonight Show band era has passed away. The Los Angeles Times reports that jazz drummer Ed Shaughnessy—whom Buddy Rich referred to as “one of my all-time favorite drummers”—died of a heart attack on Friday at his Calabasas, California home. He was 84. While he was undoubtedly best known for his 30-year stint on The Tonight Show (then hosted by Johnny Carson), playing drums for […]


Pop Rewind: Vince Gauraldi Trio “Christmas Time Is Here”

Let’s face it: it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas in our culture without watching A Charlie Brown Christmas at least once during the holidays. And it wouldn’t be A Charlie Brown Christmas without the Vince Gauraldi Trio providing that awesome jazz soundtrack. The show opens with “Christmas Time Is Here,” but the entire soundtrack album (first released in 1965) has become one of the best-loved Christmas albums of all time, […]


Jazz Legend Dave Brubeck Passes Away

The world has lost yet another musical icon. Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, whose career spanned nearly eight decades and included some of the best-selling jazz albums of all time, passed away early Wednesday of heart failure, the day before his 92nd birthday. Brubeck was a staple in the ever-changing world of jazz, beginning back in the World War II era, continuing into the club jazz era of the 1960’s, and […]


Tony Bennett Tips His Hat to Latin Singers on “Viva Duets”

Columbia (2012)

You gotta hand it to a guy who not only keeps singing after a 60-year career, but who apparently has yet to peak. At 86, Tony Bennett is a music icon who just continues to have a stunningly successful career, his popularity easily matching what it was in his early years, if not surpassing it. At this point, singing with Bennett on his recent “Duets” series of albums has become […]


Ben Folds Five Hears “The Sound Of the Life Of the Mind”

Ben Folds/Sony Music (2012)

Let’s face it: no act out there sounds quite like Ben Folds Five—except, perhaps, for Ben Folds without the “Five.” Let’s just say if indie rock hooked up with jazz/lounge, BFF is the love child. Although Mr. Folds has been anything but inactive since BFF initially called it quits in 2000 (he’s released a full array of solo records and other experimental collaborations), The Sound Of the Life Of the […]


Casey Abrams: “Casey Abrams”—Album Review

Conchord Music Group (2012)

After shaking things up with his non-conformist ways on American Idol Season 10, multi-instrumentalist Casey Abrams has finally released his debut, self-titled release. Within the first few bars of the first song, I knew this one was worth the wait. I gotta say for starters, I have admittedly been waiting for this album ever since Abrams showed up on Idol. Even with his various mis-steps and his penchant for growling […]