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Jessie Ware

Top 40 Dance/Electronica Singles Of 2013 (20-11)

Continuing our countdown of the best dance/electronica singles of 2013, (40-31 is here, 30-21 is here), here’s a look at numbers 20-11. 20) Katy B – “5 AM” Following on from comeback single “What Love Is Made Of,” Katy B continued her transition from Queen of Dubstep to vocal house diva with this typically classy tear-stained tale of a morning after the night before. 19) Jessy Lanza – “Kathy Lee” […]

Bonobo The North Borders

Top 20 Dance/Electronica Albums Of 2013 (10-6)

Continuing our countdown of the best full-length dance/electronica releases of 2013 (20-16 is here, 15-11 is here), here are numbers 10-6. 10) Thundercat – Apocalypse Much less of a chin-stroker than his Brainfeeder labelmates, singer-bassist Thundercat took in everything from melancholy-drenched electro soul (“Tenfold”) to 70s yacht-rock (“Without You”) to fully-fledged party funk (“Oh Sheit It’s X”) on a wondrously hook-laden second effort which proved he’d fully outgrown his mentor, […]

Jessy Lanza Pull My Hair Back

Jessy Lanza “Pull My Hair Back” – Album Review

Hyperdub (2013)

Possessing the kind of airy falsetto so feather light it could float away at any moment, Ontario chanteuse Jessy Lanza has inevitably picked up comparisons with fellow high-pitched Canadian Grimes. But her debut album, Pull My Hair Back, has more in common with the luxurious electronic R&B of Toronto husband-and-wife team New Look than the glitchy future-pop of Claire Boucher. Indeed, released through Hyperdub, the London-based label synonymous with UK […]