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John Mayer Paradise Valley

John Mayer “Paradise Valley” –Album Review

Columbia Records (2013)

Contrary to popular belief, time apparently does not heal all wounds—or at least, heal them as quickly as people would like. Even though it’s been several years since John Mayer has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, his name still seems to be a bit polarizing when spoken in public, evoking memories of arrogant, off-the-cuff statements and TMI stories of girlfriends past. But here’s the thing: almost […]


John Mayer Announces Expansive Summer Tour

The past three years have not been very kind to John Mayer. A string of bad publicity (much of it self-inflicted), coupled with throat issues that required two surgeries and called into question whether he would even be able to sing again. Even recently, he’s been in the news more for his on-again-off-again relationship with Katy Perry than for music related news. But finally, there’s some good news for the […]


John Mayer’s Confessional? “Born and Raised”-Album Review

Columbia (2012)

Over the years, singer/songwriter John Mayer has dipped his toes into several genres, with his music touching on pop/rock, R&B, blues, and now…1970’s country/folk? Yep. Apparently so. Born and Raised, Mayer’s newest studio album, carries all the hi-fi production value you’d expect from a recording made in 2012, but most of the songs themselves sound like they could have been written 30 years ago.  Furthermore, the arrangements are fairly stripped […]