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Channing Tatum Snarls In The First Official Image for ‘Jupiter Ascending’

The Wachowski’s haven’t exactly had an easy time lately. Their last few films haven’t made as much money as they’d like, and definitely haven’t reviewed nearly as well as their first few entries. Well, now that the trailer for Jupiter Ascending has arrived to lukewarm responses from people they’re attempting to stir up some more excitement with the first official image of Channing Tatum’s Werewolf-dude-guy. I’d be lying if I […]


‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer

The Wachowskis, the siblings behind Cloud Atlas, Bound, Speed Racer and The Matrix trilogy, are preparing to release a new film. The title is Jupiter Ascending and, up until a few months ago, the film has been under extremely high levels of secrecy. The trailer for Jupiter Ascending has just been released online. The reaction has been mixed. Some are overjoyed at the broad scope of the film, others worry […]