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Kate Nash Presents Mixed Bag with “Girl Talk” (Album Review)

have 10p Records (2013)

When pull-no-punches songstress Kate Nash gave fans a foretaste of her shift toward indie-punk with her Death Proof EP a few months ago, she definitely piqued our interest and built our expectations for her upcoming full length. The promised product Girl Talk, however, presents a mixed bag of good and bad that will no doubt make a lot of people scratch their heads and wonder what’s come over her. It’s […]


Kate Nash Takes a Turn Toward Punk with “Death Proof” EP

Have 10p Records (2012)

Death Proof, the 5-song EP released this week by Kate Nash as a teaser for her upcoming album Girl Talk, is bound to raise a few eyebrows with at least some of her fans. While the British alternative singer-songwriter’s last album My Best Friend Is You took a turn from her original coffeehouse vibe toward more of a Motown/surf rock blend, Death Proof takes an even sharper turn into an […]