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David Bowie The Next Day

Best Pop and Rock Albums of 2013

I gotta be honest—I had a hard time finding a whole lot to love about this year’s pop and rock offerings.  I gave some good reviews to albums in both genres, but even then, I often based it on respect for the work more than personal enjoyment. However, when I liked something—I found I really liked it. There were a few from newer or current acts, but interestingly, a number […]

The 20/20 Experience Complete Experience

The Five Most Notable Musical Artists of 2013

In my first installment of 2013 end-of-year lists, I talked about five musical artists whom I felt were overrated in comparison to the media acclaim they received. This week, as promised, my second installment names five musical artists who definitely deserved the attention they got this year. Here’s my list of the top five most notable artists of 2013. See if you agree.   5.  Arcade Fire This alternative act […]

Katy Perry PRISM

A Multi-Faceted Katy Perry: “PRISM” –Album Review

Capitol (2013)

Let me just start with this: “Roar” has got to be the catchiest single that Katy Perry has ever released—this, from a proven hitmaker. Suffice it to say that the bar was raised several notches by that single, meaning her latest effort PRISM gets to launch up against a huge wall of expectations. Remarkably, those expectations are met…with a roar. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.) As a rule of thumb, I’m […]

Katy Perry Roar

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga Song Leaks Could Actually Help Sales Numbers

It’s been an interesting two-sided saga to say the least. Two pop divas having their singles leaked over the weekend—namely, Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Lady Gaga’s “Applause”—followed by an incredible Internet buzz over the weekend as fans started helping out by reporting piracy, and made even more interesting by reports that one of Perry’s promotional semi-trucks had been rammed by a drunk driver. The result of these dual fiascos was […]

Katy Perry Prism truck

Katy Perry “Prism” Promotional Truck Totaled by Drunk Driver

When Katy Perry hired several semi trucks to display a promotional ad for her upcoming new release Prism, she had no idea how much extra publicity she’d get from it—thanks mainly to a drunk driver who slammed into one of the trucks in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Pennsylvania. The incident occurred Friday evening, according to TMZ. The driver of another semi-truck allegedly plowed into the cab of Perry’s promotional […]


Music News Week In Review: June 23 Edition

It’s time again for Music News Week in Review—that part of the MIMO news blog where we highlight some of the music news headlines you might have missed during the week (or perhaps were trying to avoid). If the former is true—you’re welcome. If the latter is true—sorry about that. Anyway, here goes…   ROLLING STONES PLANNING FAREWELL CONCERT IN 2013…OH, WAIT…NEVER MIND… Apparently, rumors that the Stones were going […]