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Kevin Smith Officially Directing ‘Tusk’

Kevin Smith has officially signed on to direct ‘Tusk’, a film about a man who gets stranded on a desert island, befriends a walrus, and after being rescued misses the walrus so much he hires someone to come to his house and dress like a walrus. Initially, everyone thought that Smith was joking when he revealed that he would be taking on this directing assignment but now, in some recent […]


Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy (Film Review)

The genius that is Chasing Amy can be summed up with one word. Respect. The film deals with numerous issues that, at the time of release, weren’t exactly hot button but have since gone on to become engrained in the popular culture. Namely, the treatment and depiction of nerds.   Most people who are fans of the notoriously internet savvy writer/director Kevin Smith love him for his approachable, loveable and […]