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lady gaga oscars

Lady Gaga Channels Julie Andrews, Actually Sings at Oscars

Wows audience with 'Sound of Music' tribute (plus, recap of other Oscar performances)

Oscars this, Oscars that, blah, blah. Birdman, blah blah, can’t believe what she was wearing, blah blah…Save all that for somewhere else. Did anyone catch Lady Gaga’s performance??? Behind her onstage flamboyance, constantly-changing appearance and wild swings between outrageous clothing and no clothing at all, it turns out Lady Gaga can actually sing. I mean really sing, y’all. During the 87th Academy Awards last night, the surprise musical performance of the […]

Madonna MDNA

Madonna, Lady Gaga are World’s Highest-Paid Musicians in 2013: Forbes

Looks like the public rivalry between two generations of pop diva superstars has paid off for both. According to Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Highest-Paid Musicians, Madonna and Lady Gaga took the two top slots for 2013. The “Material Girl,” who spent the better part of last year stirring pots with her controversial MDNA Tour, topped the list by a wide margin, pulling in a whopping $125 million. Gaga, […]

Lady Gaga ARTPOP

Lady Gaga “ARTPOP” –Album Review

Interscope (2013)

“The devil whispered behind the leaves, ‘It’s pretty, but it is art?’” –The Conundrum of the Workshops You gotta hand it to Lady Gaga; she’s nothing if not creative and ambitious. You never know from moment to moment what she’s going to do, say, look like, or wear; in a sense, she’s turned keeping-people-guessing into an art form in itself. Her long-awaited, much anticipated effort ARTPOP springs from a self-proclaimed […]

Lady Gaga ARTPOP

Lady Gaga to Live Stream ARTPOP Album Release Party

So, it’s kind of like New Year’s Rockin’ Eve…only it’s just Lady Gaga. The pop singer is set to release her new album ARTPOP on iTunes at midnight, November 11. According to Billboard, one-half hour prior to the release, at 11:30 p.m. EST, the pop singer will host a special “artRave”—a release party at an undisclosed location in New York—to be live-streamed over Vevo.com. The event will feature Lady Gaga […]

Lady Gaga Applause

Lady Gaga Reportedly Parts Ways With Manager

On the cusp of the much anticipated of her ARTPOP album on November 11, reports are surfacing that Lady Gaga has parted ways with her manager of the past six years, Troy Carter. Neither side has officially confirmed the split, but Showbiz411, which first broke the story, gives the reason as “creative differences.” Gaga and Carter began working together in 2007—Gaga controlling most of the creative aspects of her career, […]

Katy Perry Roar

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga Song Leaks Could Actually Help Sales Numbers

It’s been an interesting two-sided saga to say the least. Two pop divas having their singles leaked over the weekend—namely, Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Lady Gaga’s “Applause”—followed by an incredible Internet buzz over the weekend as fans started helping out by reporting piracy, and made even more interesting by reports that one of Perry’s promotional semi-trucks had been rammed by a drunk driver. The result of these dual fiascos was […]

Lady Gaga Applause

Lady Gaga “Applause” Leak Met With Angry Reaction from Singer, Fans

Leaks removed from the Internet

Apparently Lady Gaga’s “monsters” fan base are more than fiercely loyal; they are also notably protective of her music. When snippets of Gaga’s upcoming single “Applause” leaked online over the weekend, the violation was met with an angry response not only from the singer, but also from the fans themselves. “Lord, in HEAVEN WHY” was Gaga’s first tweet, followed quickly by “YOU JUST COULDN’T WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR […]

Lady Gaga Artpop

Lady Gaga Divulges “ARTPOP” Album, App Details

It’s a simple case of supply and demand. The fewer details released about Lady Gaga’s upcoming album ARTPOP, the more precious the information becomes, and the more people pay attention when anything is said about it. Up until recently, the Gaga camp has been fairly tight-lipped about the album’s progress. But yesterday, the popstar took to Twitter for a bit of Q&A with her fans, during which she revealed just […]

Gitarrlegenden Jimi Hendrix

Music News Week In Review: July 7 Edition

Psst….are you awake yet? Sorry to bother you so early on a Saturday morning, but we have some pithy music news headlines we have to share with you because we didn’t get to them earlier in the week. I’m sure you understand—this has to be done. So grab some coffee and get back here…we’ll wait… … Okay, here you go.   JIMI HENDRIX BIOPIC TO INCLUDE NO JIMI HENDRIX MUSIC? […]