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reginae carter

Welcome Princess Carter: Lil Wayne Signs Daughter Reginae

Lil Wayne’s Young Money Imprint is officially in the family way.  Meaning Weezy’s birthing a new baby -– his own.  Earlier this year he signed his 16-year-old eldest daughter, Reginae Carter, as the latest (and youngest) Young Money artist.  The singer/rapper (and author!) is prepping her first album, Becoming Reginae, and has just released her first single, “Mind Goin Crazy.” Mind Goin Crazy – Reginae Carter Over a boom-bass beat, […]

swagga like us grammy

Swagga Like Us: A Flashback

And now for a flashback. Today, we look into the annals of time to remember one of the greatest live performances in hip-hop history. I’m talking the 2009 51st Grammy Award performance of the hit single “Swagga Like Us”. T.I. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and the jiggaman himself, Jay Z, took the stage like a modern-day rat pack (or as Queen Latifah introduced them, a “rap pack”) and showed the world […]

drake vs lil wayne

Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Tour Ramps Up

Going up against your boss is never a small feat, but Drake proves that he is more than ready to go toe-to-toe with his mentor and Young Money label head in the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour. Exciting lyrical battle? Check. Swag-dropping braggadocio? Check. One hell of a publicity stunt? Check. But has the student become the master now? The Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour began August 8 and is […]

lil wayne tha carter

Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter” Reigns Supreme

Let’s give a shout out to Lil Wayne, who this week celebrates the 10 year anniversary of his breakout album Tha Carter, released June 29, 2004. The Platinum-certified album is based off The Carter, a crack house empire from New Jack City.  (Remember that movie?)   Featuring his trademark speedy, weezy raps, mature delivery, clever wordplay, and devil-may-care attitude, Tha Carter launched Weezy’s five album saga, of which he’s on the […]


Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being 2” – Album Review

Cash Money Records (2013)

TMZ had us all believing Lil Wayne was a goner last week. The news proved false, and not only is Weezy apparently alive and well, but, conveniently, his newest half-album, I Am Not a Human Being 2, is out this week. We say half-album because IANAHB2, just like its predecessor, isn’t quite an entry in the Carter series nor a mixtape; it’s somewhere in between. For what it’s worth, Lil […]


Music News Week In Review (Mar. 23 Edition)

Spring has sprung; sort of. This morning, lots of folks in the United States’ midsection are questioning that notion. If snow is keeping you indoors on a Saturday morning, you might as well get caught up on some music news headlines you might have missed—so grab a cuppa joe and have a seat. Several of this week’s review headlines are follow-ups to last week, since there’s more to report. Here […]


Music News Week In Review (Mar. 16 Edition)

Another week has come and gone, and there’s bound to be a few music news headlines you’ve missed. So for your Saturday morning, coffee-drinking, reading pleasure, here are a few stray news items to help bring you up to speed.   LIL WAYNE IS NEAR DEATH…WAIT. WHAT? To be sure, it’s no joking matter—the fact is, Lil Wayne had another seizure yesterday, and was hospitalized for it in Los Angeles. […]


Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit Against Quincy Jones III

It’s sad news for sure, but Lil Wayne has abandoned one of the most entertaining roles of his career—irate litigant. Earlier this week, the news leaked that Weezy had lost his lawsuit against documentary filmmaker Quincy Jones III (son of the illustrious composer who contributed his namesake) and thus become stuck with a $2.2 million price tag. This is the same lawsuit that, earlier this summer, yielded one of the […]


Lil Wayne, “Dedication 4” — Mixtape Review

YMCMB (2012)

There are effectively two Lil Waynes: the wunderkind world-beater of Dedication 3 and the walking tragedy of celebrity seclusion who does his messy business all over I Am Not a Human Being. Those who have waited the seemingly interminable five years between Dedications 3 and 4 will have to deal with both the triumph of Wayne’s return to the former mold, and the tragedy of his apparent inability to draw […]


The Week in Hip-Hop Footwear

If you had doubts as to the state of hip-hop’s love affair with athletic footwear, this past week should have put them to rest. Three of the biggest names in the genre—Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Lil Wayne—rolled out new sneaker deals that should add considerably to their collective fortunes.   Artist: Rick Ross; Shoe Brand: Reebok; Who’s getting the better deal?: Reebok Presenting the corpulent Rick Ross with a […]


Acting Out: On the “Retirement” of Lil Wayne

Earlier this week, Lil Wayne—in a characteristically head-scratching maneuver—declared that he now found hip-hop boring and was leaving his musical pursuits in order to focus on his skateboarding. Weezy’s admission came with nothing in the way of hard deadlines. This isn’t a piece of pageantry quite on the same scale as Jay-Z’s “retirement” of a few years back, but still, when Lil Wayne says he’s sick of rapping, there are […]


Sick Threads: Highlights from hip-hop’s best clothing lines

Even rock music’s most diligent fountains of ephemera (I’m looking at you Kiss) pale before hip-hop artists when it comes to building the brand. Whether it’s 50 Cent’s dalliances in flavored water or Snoop Dogg’s willingness to lend his name to pretty much anything, rappers tend to diversify frequently and well. While this habit has resulted in some of the world’s more embarrassing attempts at cross-promotion (again, this), it has […]


Hip-Hop, meet Diplo. Diplo, Hip-Hop.

After achieving superstar status midway through the past decade thanks to his work with girlfriend/acolyte M.I.A., producer/DJ Diplo went to work dabbling his fingers in just about all of pop music’s current iterations. Often called in to lend hipster credibility and a danceable flavor to major pop releases, Diplo has wound up placing some of his best work on the albums of hip-hop artists whose ambitions include a crossover to […]