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LL Cool J “Authentic” –Album Review

SLG LLC (2013)

Conventional logic would suggest LL Cool J doesn’t have anything to prove as a rapper. He’s a living hip-hop legend who is literally part of history books as one of the earliest stars on Def Jam Records, when the label was just getting off the ground in the 1980s. Some three decades later, in addition to a formidable discography, the man born James Todd Smith has built up a considerable […]


Brad Paisley Digs Deep, Finds a Can of Worms with “Wheelhouse”

I have to take a detour here. This post began as an attempt to review Brad Paisley’s new album Wheelhouse, which officially drops today. However, given the buzz and controversy stirred up by one song in particular, “Accidental Racist,” it became apparent that this article needs to be about the greater conversation that the song has sparked. Let me begin by saying that regardless of your thoughts about that song, […]


Music News Week In Review (August 25 Edition)

Yeah, we’re at it again with another Music News Week In Review. Apparently we’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday morning than scour the Interwebs for pithy headlines we didn’t previously report on MIMO this week. But don’t judge—apparently, you’ve got nothing better to do than to read them. So here you go…   ROCKERS AVRIL LAVIGNE AND CHAD KROEGER TO WED “Chavril.” Aww, how cute—Canada now has […]