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Michael Fassbender Has Ideas For X-men: Apocalypse

Michael Fassbender is, arguably, one of the biggest stars on the surface of planet Earth, currently. He’s a leading man who can pull massive crowds into a theatre and simultaneously win numerous amounts of awards. We’ll have to wait till May 2016 to find out exactly what Fassbender, Kinberg, and company have in store for us. I, for one, am really excited to see what happens. I’m really into the […]


X-men Apocalypse To Feature Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm

X-men Days of Future Past is just around the corner. And as such Bryan Singer is talking up a storm. About it and the next installment in the franchise X-men Apocalypse. One of the key questions is which cast would the film center around. Singer confirmed fairly early on that it would, in fact be the First Class cast. And now we’re getting some even more interesting news. Cyclops, Jean, […]


Hugh Jackman To Make Only One More Wolverine Film?

Hugh Jackman seems to be contemplating hanging up the adamantium, these days. He gave an interview with SFX Magazine where he spoke very candidly about how he’d probably not do more than one more Wolverine solo film. Check it out.   I don’t know [what’s happening with Wolverine 3 yet]. We’re talking it through. I still am very ambitious for the character. And tonally I feel like we corrected the ship with […]


X-Men To Expand Into Live Action TV Series?

The X-men have a lot of members. Even just if you count the flagship teams like the All-New X-men, Uncanny X-men, and the Adjectiveless X-men. But that’s not including Cable’s X-Force, the Uncanny X-Force, Excalibur, X-Factor, the Xtreme X-men and the Young X-men. And those are just the major teams. There are literally thousands of X-men waiting to appear on the big screen. Well, X-men: Days of Future Past scribe […]


New X-Men: Days of Future Past Stills

Brian Singers return to the popular X-men film series is on the horizon. The film is brimming with new and old mutants. It promises to be an exciting venture, and hopefully a halfway decent film as well. Empire Magazine has debuted a few new stills from the film. The feature Iceman, Kitty Pryde, Collosus, Sunfire, Magneto, a confused Wolverine, and Mystique. Check them out below:


First Look: Quicksilver in Days of Future Past

Quicksilver is one of my favorite mutants. He might even be one of my favorite characters in all of comics. The character is endlessly entertaining and has such an interesting and compelling backstory and point of view. Pietro Maximoff, the son of Magneto, is arguably the heir apparent to the Marvel Universe and yet he can’t seem to get out of his own way. The character’s entitled attitude and cocky […]


X-Men: Days of Future Past Adds Another Familiar Face (Sort Of)

For a while there it seemed like there was a new mutant being added to X-men: Days of Future Past every five minutes. Well, things have cooled down a bit. Or at least that’s what everyone thought. Nope. More mutants. More is better, right? More is better? More is always better, right? It’s better if we add a shit ton of mutant into this movie, right? Apparently so. Can you […]


Bryan Singer To Direct X-Men: Apocalypse

Last week when Bryan Singer announced on twitter that the next X-men film would be titled Apocalypse and would be released in 2016 the internet sat up and took notice. Everyone has been talking about which X-men cast the film would feature and where in continuity the film would take place. Another heavy topic of discussion has been whether or not X1 X2 and X-men Days of Future Past director […]


X-men: Apocalypse Is Coming

Yesterday Brian Singer leaked that the next X-men film would be titled X-men: Apocalypse and it would be coming during the summer of 2016. Everyone has been quite taken aback by the revaluation due to the fact that these types of announcements usually happen during conventions or around the release of a film. Well, Singer doesn’t care. At all. He just said it on twitter. Good for him. Today the […]


James Mangold In Talks To Direct Wolverine Sequel

It would appear as though The Wolverine is a success. Deadline is reporting that James Mangold is currently in negotiations to write a treatment and come on board as the director. We should hear soon if Mangold officially signs on. Fox is making a smart business move by green lighting a new Wolverine film. With next year’s Days of Future Past sure to ramp up the character’s popularity I’m sure […]


X-Men: Days Of Future Past Looks Stunning

The day that X-fans have been waiting for is finally here. The trailer for the newest installment of the X-franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past, has been released online. The trailer is stunning. Bryan Singer, the director of the first two installments, is returning to the directors chair in order to put the franchise back on its feet. Sure, First Class did well, but the reboot was hampered by old […]


Ellen Page Is Open To Making A Kitty Pryde Spin Off Movie

Over the first three X-men films three different actors played the fan favorite X-woman Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde. In the final installment of the trilogy Ms Pryde was played by relative unknown Ellen Page. Since X3, Page’s profile has skyrocketed. She’s become one of the most bankable leading ladies under 40. Well, it seems that at one point in time Joss Whedon wanted to do a Kitty Pryde spin off […]


Fox Offering $100 Million To Hugh Jackman To Continue Playing Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman is an amazing actor. He’s also rivaling Christopher Reeve as Superman and Sean Connery As Bond in the iconic department. Jackman has played Logan aka Wolverine in seven films. X-men, X2: X-men United, X-men 3: The Last Stand, X-men Origins: Wolverine, X-men: First Class, The Wolverine. Next year Jackman will be starring in the massive X-crossover film X-men: Days of Future Past, which will unite the cast from […]