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Scarlett Johansson as Lucy

Luc Besson’s Lucy Gets A Trailer

Luc Besson is one of the most famous action directors in the world. With films like Speed, The Professional, and La Femme Nakita under his belt he’s created some of the most iconic action sequences ever put on the big screen. What he been up to lately? He’s been making a movie about a super-powered woman, played by Scarlett Johansson. The film looks like it’s got a pretty wide scale […]


District B13 Remake ‘Brick Mansions’ Gets First Trailer

Brick Mansions, the remake of the highly acclaimed and much beloved Luc Besson penned District B13, is finally nearing release. The film stars the late Paul Walker and David Belle, one of the stars of the original film. We’ve just learned that the film will be released later this spring. Here’s hoping that it stands up to the original and is a worthy offering considering it will probably be one […]


Taken 3 To Star Liam Neeson (They’re Only Paying Him $20 Million)

I love seemingly never ending action franchises. I’ve seen all four of The Substitute films. I’ve seen all the Death Wish films more times than I can count. It’s something in my personality. I just love crapy sequels. Well, it looks like Taken is turning into one of those action franchises. With Taken 2 being such a massive money maker. Taken 3 is just a matter of time. Currently Luc […]


District B-13 (Film Review)

District B13   The French, man. The French kick ass. Regardless of what certain Fox News correspondents would have you believe, the French know how to get things done.   The subject of our discussion today, or rather just my inane ramblings, is the French action picture District B13. Famed French writer/director Luc Besson and Bibi Naceri pen an incredibly dense action packed script that Pierre Morel executes with devastating […]