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American Country Awards

American Country Awards 2013: The Winners List

Every year about this time, I start to feel a little bombarded with country music awards shows. (We just had the CMA Awards, didn’t we?) But the American Country Awards bills itself as “the show for the next generation of country music fans,” and that definitely serves a purpose in this genre by giving fans a chance to vote directly for their favorites online. Tuesday night, as Trace Adkins and […]

Luke Bryan Crash My Party

Luke Bryan “Crash My Party” Album Review

Capitol Nashville (2013)

I’m just going to say this: when one of the hottest tickets in country music releases a new album, there’s an unspoken pressure put on reviewers like me to give it a free pass. After all, if that person/band is at the top of his/her/their game, everything must be going right. Right? So it’s with a bit of apprehension that I have to speak up and say I’m a bit […]


Luke Bryan Releases “Spring Break…Here To Party” Compilation

Every year since 2009, Luke Bryan has released a new Spring Break-themed EP, geared around his annual spring break shows in Panama City. The idea back then was that this was an outlet for Bryan to play some party-themed songs that wouldn’t necessarily make it on the track list of his mainstream releases. As it turns out, these highly sing-able songs have become something of a country-rock soundtrack for spring […]


Top Five Country Music Movers and Shakers [2012 In Review]

We’re reviewing some of the more interesting and insightful post on MIMO in 2012. Back in April, our country music writer Rob Burkhardt shared his list of country music movers and shakers. Several months and multiple awards shows later, it’s interesting to see how right Rob was about some of his picks–how many of them are truly reshaping the country genre. Have a look! –Ed While country music has been […]


American Country Awards 2012—Recap and Commentary

Watching the 2012 American Country Awards last night on Fox, I have to admit I had some mixed emotions—not about the winners (which we’ll go into below), but mainly about the show itself. After all, there are not one, not two, but three other major awards shows celebrating country music (the ACMs, the CMAs, and the CMTs); do we really need a fourth one? But then I consider that the ACAs (established by […]


Top Five Country Music Movers and Shakers

While country music has been going through a sort of identity crisis in recent years, there are a few acts that are helping re-focus or re-define the genre, to help take country into the next generation. Sometimes these “movers and shakers” are impacting country mucis by their crossover appeal, occasionally blending elements of pop and rock into the mix (if you’ve read me at all, you know I’m a “purist” […]