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New Mad Max Photos!

    Finally, we have an official  first look at Tom Hardy and  Charlize Theron as their characters in the Mad Max: Fury Road. Here’s hoping we get to see more shots of the rest of the cast soon.   “In the newest edition of the Mad Max series, he will be portrayed by the actor Tom Hardy, and will take place before the second installment. The story will fill […]


Elton John Biopic ‘Rocketman’ Casts Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is one of the most interesting actors working in film today. He’s versatile, he’s charismatic, and he’s got the chops to pull off just about anything. He’s played England’s most insane serial criminal, Captain Picard’s clone, Bane, and we’ll soon see him on screen as Mad Max. He’s really a wonder to behold. Elton John’s Rocket Films will be producing a biopic of the infamous singer titled ‘Rocketman’ […]


Mad Max: Fury Road First Official Image

George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road has had a rough time making it to theatres. The film was stuck in development hell for nearly three decades, and now it’s looking like it’s not doing so hot again. Warner Brothers has released the ‘first’ official image for Tom Hardy as Max Rockatonsky. The only problem? This is the same photo that leaked online around six months ago. This coupled with reports […]


New Mad Max Video Game Looks Stunning

Mad Max is a strange nebulas area for me. I adore the films. They’re wonderfully executed masterpieces. Even Beyond Thunderdome. I’ll defend that flick till my dying breath. This being said, I loath Mel Gibson. The man is disgusting, repugnant and a bigot. I refuse to watch anything he’s in. BUT I LOVE MAD MAX. Now you see where my problem lies. I’m torn between the love of Max and […]