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Madonna MDNA

Madonna, Lady Gaga are World’s Highest-Paid Musicians in 2013: Forbes

Looks like the public rivalry between two generations of pop diva superstars has paid off for both. According to Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Highest-Paid Musicians, Madonna and Lady Gaga took the two top slots for 2013. The “Material Girl,” who spent the better part of last year stirring pots with her controversial MDNA Tour, topped the list by a wide margin, pulling in a whopping $125 million. Gaga, […]

Madonna MDNA

Madonna Banned from Movie Theater Chain for Texting

You know how you when you go to the movies, the pre-show announcement comes on warning you not to talk or text during the film? You might want to pay attention to that. Music icon Madonna was reportedly accosted for texting during much of the runtime of a screening of 12 Years a Slave during the New York Film Festival. As The Guardian reports, the singer was allegedly asked by […]

Madonna Secret Project

Madonna to Release Short Film via BitTorrent

“Secretprojectrevolution” marks the launch of her Art For Freedom project

Prior to her notorious and hugely successful MDNA tour last year, Madonna ventured into film direction with W/E, an indie film which garnered mixed reviews but landed an Oscar nomination. Yesterday, as Rolling Stone reports, the dance-pop superstar announced the release of a new 17-minute short film secretprojectrevolution, which she co-directed with Steven Klein. The film will be made available for free download via BitTorrent, and will mark the official […]


Madonna’s Tactless Antics: Plea For Attention? [2012 In Review]

We’re reviewing some of MIMO’s most intriguing, interesting and thought-provoking pieces for 2012. In this piece, our pop/rock correspondent Tim Ferrar sparked a long discussion over his remarks concerning the ire her Denver, CO performance raised with some fans who felt her firing fake guns onstage was too reminiscent of the recent Aurora theater shooting. Should Madonna have been more sensitive to her audience? Or was it too much to […]


The Worst Dance/Electronica Albums of 2012

Dance music may have become a permanent fixture in the charts this year, but its increasing ubiquity also meant that 2012 saw far more than its fair share of dross. Here’s a look at five of the worst albums from the genre to have been unleashed upon the unsuspecting public over the last twelve months. Deadmau5 – Album Title Goes Here Barely a week went by this year without Canadian […]


Music News Week In Review (Nov. 25 Edition)

It may be Thanksgiving weekend, but there’s still plenty happening in the world of music. (And by that, I mean more than just Black Friday deals at Guitar Center.) Here are a few music news headlines from the past week that you might have missed.   FLAMING LIPS’ WAYNE COYNE SHUTS DOWN OKC AIRPORT It seems like Wayne Coyne gets into our week in review more often than most. Earlier […]


Music News Week In Review (Nov. 10 Edition)

Didn’t get enough music news for the week? Here are just a few of the headlines you might have missed over the past week; coincidentally, they all have something to do with the courts. Just a little light reading while you enjoy your Saturday morning coffee. You’re welcome.   PANDORA SUING ASCAP FOR LOWER ROYALTY RATES Pandora, the largest Internet radio provider, filed suit this week against ASCAP demanding lower […]


Madonna’s Tactless Antics: Plea For Attention?

You gotta hand it to Madonna: she knows how to keep her name in the headlines. Even if it’s for all the wrong reasons. Never one to shy away from controversy, Madonna seems to be on a streak of outrageous and tactless behavior, her worldwide MDNA Tour apparently turning into an equal opportunity offender. From wielding an AK-47 onstage in Israel, to flashing and/or mooning audiences in Italy, Turkey and […]


Tour News: Wynonna Restarts Tour, Duran Duran Cancel Theirs

It’s been an interesting month for tour news, as various major artists have cancelled and/or rescheduled tour dates for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the latest headlines from artists who may (or may not) be coming to your town. Wynonna Judd has announced that she will resume her tour starting August 30 after cancelling a number of dates when new husband Cactus Moser was in a serious […]


Music News Week In Review (August 25 Edition)

Yeah, we’re at it again with another Music News Week In Review. Apparently we’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday morning than scour the Interwebs for pithy headlines we didn’t previously report on MIMO this week. But don’t judge—apparently, you’ve got nothing better to do than to read them. So here you go…   ROCKERS AVRIL LAVIGNE AND CHAD KROEGER TO WED “Chavril.” Aww, how cute—Canada now has […]


What the Heck Is Madonna’s Problem?

After winning countless awards (including seven Grammys), selling over 300 million records (making her the top selling female artist of all time), appearing in nearly 20 films, and cementing her public image as an envelope-pushing pop icon, one would think Madonna would finally be comfortable enough in her own skin not to appear threatened by up-and-coming talent. Guess that’s too much to ask. Madonna, now 53, has been all over […]