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Marvel To Develop New Television Shows

Marvel taking the ratings success of Agents of Shield and running with it seems pretty obvious. We’ve already heard that the House of Mouse and the House of Ideas are planning an Agent Carter television show, based on their short film from the Iron Man 3 DVD, but supposedly they’re woking on four new series and a mini series. Marvel’s catalogue is chock full of characters that would be perfect […]


Avengers: Age Of Ultron Comic Con Footage Leaked

The Avengers is one of the highest grossing films of all time. Obviously, a sequel was a forgone conclusion. Well, now Avengers 2 aka Age of Ultron has a teaser trailer. That is to say, the footage that debuted at San Diego Comic Con has leaked online. Check out the video while it lasts.    


Peggy Carter To Get Her Own TV Show?

With the Agents of Shield TV show right around the corner, Marvel and ABC are looking to have more content waiting in the wings. Shield is expected to do well, so prepping more Marvel Cinematic Universe shows is a wise business discussions. Agents of Shield was spun out of a short film that was added as a bonus on the Avengers DVD titled Item 47. On the Ironman 3 dvd […]

Panel Discussion With The Cast And Crew Of "Boston Legal"

James Spader To Play Ultron In The Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s official. We have our Ultron. That is to say, we know the actor who will be playing the titular villain in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. James Spader has officially signed on to portray the super-intelligent, super computer known as Ultron. Spader is a well known, talented actor who has made a name for himself playing quirky dark characters. Best known for his roles in Boston Legal, Sex, Lies and […]


Aaron Taylor Johnson Might Be Quicksilver

Going from Kickass to Quicksilver isn’t that big a leap. Especially when viewed in context of Johnson’s other work. Johnson’s performance as a young John Lennon in Nowhere Boy is pretty close to what you’d need for a convincing Quicksilver. This story is even more interesting when viewed in context of the fact that both Marvel and Fox have rights to the character and he’s going to be appearing in […]