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The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Director’s Short List

It seems like a bi-annual event at this point. The He-man and the Master of the Universe movie is rumbling to life, yet again. This time John M. Chu’s name isn’t attached to the project. So, at least there’s that. The famous saturday morning cartoon turned pop culture icon turned would-be block buster tentpole is staggering back to life. This time the film is preparedly close to actually being put […]


Dreamworks Now Owns Masters of the Universe and Voltron

I guess that this is the week of Jeffrey Katzenberg. Katzenberg, the CEO of Dreamworks Animation has just announced that they’ve  purchased the catalogue of a company called Classic Media. You probably don’t know that name, but you’ll surely know their library. Classic Media owns the rights to Voltron, Masters of the Universe, Lassie, Mr Magoo, and Rocky and Bullwinkle. Katzenberg he wanted to ‘reinvent’ all of these titles. Something […]