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The New TMNT Movie Still Looks Awful

Michael Bay’s big screen reboot for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is making its way to the big screen. It’s got a huge budget, snappy dialogue, and a cast of pretty humans running around doing pretty human things. You know what it doesn’t have? Humanity. Quality. A basic understanding of what the fans want to see in a TMNT movie. Oh, and dudes in suits. Although that might just be […]


The Official TMNT Designs Aren’t As Bad As We Thought

The Michael Bay produced TMNT reboot hit a minor public perception snag a few days when a halloween costume, purporting to be what the turtles would look like, leaked online last week. This week, more designs have leaked online and they’re not half as had as everyone thought. Oh, sure, they’re still not good but there’s no glasses and jolts.


Black Sails Pilot Is Streaming

Michael Bay’s new television show Black Sails is a prequel to Treasure Island. It follows characters you know like Long John Silver and characters that you don’t remember like Flint. But it’s got that guy who played the villain in Die Another Day, so that’s cool, right? No? Ok. The official synopsis is: “Black Sails brings viewers back to 1715, when the world’s most notorious pirate captains controlled the debauched […]


‘Welcome To Yesterday’ is Chronicle Meets Primer

Michael Bay is many things but a shrewd businessman is definitely one of his most positive traits. The latest film he’s producing ‘Welcome to Yesterday’ is a genre mashup of time travel tropes and the found footage formula. Welcome To Yesterday feels like if Shane Currath’s brilliant Primer and the surprise summer hit Chronicle were force to have a found footage baby. The end result doesn’t feel terrible just unfortunate. […]