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Harvest Records Pulls Morrissey’s Album

Someone close to Morrissey might want to have a conversation with him about burning bridges, biting the hand that feeds him, etc. Not that he would listen…. Or maybe someone should just close the fanzine. This seems to be a place of weakness. Let’s back up and unfold the drama so far, shall we? Earlier this month, Morrissey kicked off a beef with his label, Harvest Records, by using his […]


Morrissey Dropped by Harvest Records/Capitol

News comes 3 weeks after album release

Welp, it would appear that Morrissey’s outspokenness has landed him once again in hot water—this time with his record label. As first reported by Morrissey’s informal fan-zine True to You over the weekend, the artist has been dropped by Harvest Records (an imprint of Capitol Records) a mere three weeks after the release of his latest recording World Peace Is None Of Your Business.  The statement reads as follows: Three […]


Morrissey Signs with Harvest Records/Capitol Music Group

New album expected in 2014

For once, it seems the former Smiths’ frontman Morrissey is in the news for actual, music-related reasons. After 2013 was fraught with news about tour cancellations over a slew of health issues, beefs about…um…beef, and controversy surrounding his Autobiography, MusicWeek reports that Morrissey has inked a 2-record deal with Harvest Records, an imprint of Capitol Music Group, and will be releasing a new album sometime in 2014. Plans for recording […]


Apparently, Morrissey Can’t Keep Tour Dates To Save Himself

Welp, now the entire South American tour is a bust. To say this has been a bad year for Morrissey would be an understatement—and the year’s barely half over. After cancelling his tour this spring due to a combination of potentially life-threatening ailments, he had recovered enough to hit the road this summer in South America. Last week, however, things began to unravel when Morrissey cancelled yet another set of […]


Music News Week In Review (Mar. 23 Edition)

Spring has sprung; sort of. This morning, lots of folks in the United States’ midsection are questioning that notion. If snow is keeping you indoors on a Saturday morning, you might as well get caught up on some music news headlines you might have missed—so grab a cuppa joe and have a seat. Several of this week’s review headlines are follow-ups to last week, since there’s more to report. Here […]


Music News Week In Review (Mar. 16 Edition)

Another week has come and gone, and there’s bound to be a few music news headlines you’ve missed. So for your Saturday morning, coffee-drinking, reading pleasure, here are a few stray news items to help bring you up to speed.   LIL WAYNE IS NEAR DEATH…WAIT. WHAT? To be sure, it’s no joking matter—the fact is, Lil Wayne had another seizure yesterday, and was hospitalized for it in Los Angeles. […]


Music News Week In Review (Feb. 2 Edition)

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a “week in review” piece, but as 2013 kicks into gear, there seems to be more of a call for it. To enhance your Saturday morning reading, here are a few of the more pithy music news headlines you might have missed during the past week.   DUDE LOOKS LIKE A (REALLY UGLY) LADY This week on American Idol, a nagging question was answered […]