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Multiple Income Streams for DIY Musicians

Let’s get this part out of the way: making a living as a DIY musician is tough. Even with all the avenues that have opened up for us in recent years (i.e., the Internet, digital recording, YouTube and social networking), relatively few DIY musicians have built a big enough fan base to support their careers on a full-time basis. Even fewer become rich doing it. Yes, being a DIY musician […]


DIY Musicians: Think Outside the Box to Find Success

This post has been adapted from a piece I wrote for The Developing Artist. I initially wrote this piece last year to offer some encouragement for DIY musicians who were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the seemingly constant “bad news” about the music industry. I think this post is still relevant for today. Enjoy! If you’ve read my posts in the various outlets where I write, you have probably come […]


Four Ways to Get Your Music Rejected

This piece is adapted from an article I wrote for The Developing Artist. I thought it was relevant to share here because while rejection is part of the game in the music business, too many promising DIY musicians actually set themselves up for rejection through simple lapses in judgement. The things I mention below are obviously not the only things that will get your music rejected, nor is there any […]


The Connection Factor: Your Fans Want a Piece of You (part 1)

In all you do as a DIY musician to spread the word about your music, there’s one key secret you need to remember: your fans want a piece of you. They want connection. What does this mean, exactly? While your music is definitely art, in the music business (like it or not) you are marketing a product—a product that consumers want to own. It is this sense of ownership that […]


Music Licensing and Song Placement: The Future for Indie Musicians?

While the shifts in the music market have made it more difficult for musicians to make a living off of record sales, music licensing and song placement comprise an area where opportunities are increasing, especially for indie artists. As one indie musician put it,  “Music licensing is the new radio.” To summarize the trend as simply as possible, there is a constant (and increasing) demand nowadays for music to be […]


The MIMO Interview: Producer/Engineer Tim Palmer (part 2)

In part 1 of this interview, veteran producer/mixer Tim Palmer talked with MIMO about the beginnings of his career, and his favorite parts of the job. In part 2 below, he talks about current aspects of his career, and offers some advice to future music professionals. MIMO: What recording projects do you currently have on the burner? TP: Since the big ‘change’ in the industry, the Internet is playing a […]