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Heather Gardner

The MIMO Interview: Heather Gardner, Vapor Music (Part 2)

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

Yesterday, we launched a new series of posts under the heading “Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement” with an interview with music supervisor Heather Gardner. Below is the conclusion of that interview. (If you’re just joining us, you should read Part 1 first.) Enjoy!   *****   MIMO:  What type of sound quality are you looking for with song placements? Is it okay to send in a demo or should […]

Heather Gardner

The MIMO Interview: Heather Gardner, Vapor Music (Part 1)

Indie Musicians, Publishing and Song Placement series

With the expansion of cable and satellite into hundreds of channels, the rise of Internet video, and a boon of new films and television shows over the past few years, the demand for song placement and licensing has exploded right along with it. Full-time music supervisors for corporate media entities have become nearly as important to the industry as label A&R reps have been, as they are always looking for […]


Universal Music Group Cuts Landmark Deal for Music Video Royalties

In a move being hailed as “groundbreaking,” Universal Music Group has struck a significant licensing deal with the National Music Publisher’s Association (NMPA) in which independent music publishers will receive a cut of the royalties for their songs being performed in music videos and streaming on video websites such as Vevo. These things are always complicated, but here’s the scoop in plain English (as best as we understand it). Up […]


Music Licensing and Song Placement: The Future for Indie Musicians?

While the shifts in the music market have made it more difficult for musicians to make a living off of record sales, music licensing and song placement comprise an area where opportunities are increasing, especially for indie artists. As one indie musician put it,  “Music licensing is the new radio.” To summarize the trend as simply as possible, there is a constant (and increasing) demand nowadays for music to be […]