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Kanye West

Kanye West Charged in Paparazzi Scuffle

Kanye West has a knack for being in the news for just about everything except his music. Reuters is reporting that the rapper has been officially charged with battery and attempted grand theft, stemming from a confrontation with a member of the paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport back in July. According to Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the LA City Attorney’s Office, West allegedly accosted a photographer on July […]

Elton John

Music News Week In Review (July 13 Edition)

While major album releases have been a bit on a slow side over the past couple of weeks, the amount of news about the artists hasn’t been nearly as slow. As it turns out, though, this edition of Music News Week In Review is themed more about what artists aren’t doing, rather than what they are doing. Some of what they’re not doing is based on business decisions, some on […]

Mumford and Sons

Music News Week In Review (June 15 Edition)

Lots of interesting music news headlines this week—possibly more than you could keep up with. On weeks like this, as regular MIMO readers know, we like to give you a Saturday morning recap of some of the more noteworthy (and some not-so-noteworthy) music stories you might have missed. So here you go. You’re welcome.   MUMFORD & SONS BASSIST TED DWAYNE RECOVERING FROM BRAIN SURGERY The Internet was abuzz this […]


Music News Week in Review: May 25 Edition

If you’re like most people (not me, ‘cause I’m at work right now), you’re just now waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee and enjoying the beginning of a long holiday weekend. (Well, the coffee part—that is me. After all, I’m at work.) Anyhow, to help you wake up, here are a few music news headlines from the past week that you might have missed.   BLAKE SHELTON TO HOST […]


Music News Week In Review (April 27 Edition)

We haven’t brought out this feature in a few weeks, but there are enough interesting and/or pithy music news headlines this week to warrant an edition of Week In Review. So pour that cup of joe, grab a bagel, and take a look at some of the week’s music headlines you might have missed.   LAURYN HILL INKS NEW RECORD DEAL, BUT IT’S NOT (REALLY) TO PAY HER TAXES… Since […]


Music News Week In Review (Mar. 23 Edition)

Spring has sprung; sort of. This morning, lots of folks in the United States’ midsection are questioning that notion. If snow is keeping you indoors on a Saturday morning, you might as well get caught up on some music news headlines you might have missed—so grab a cuppa joe and have a seat. Several of this week’s review headlines are follow-ups to last week, since there’s more to report. Here […]


Music News Week In Review: Feb. 23 Edition

Put on your slippers, grab a cup of coffee and a bagel or something, and sit right down. With all the music news to talk about this week, here are a few interesting headlines you might have missed. And now you won’t, thanks to us.   BLINK-182 DRUMMER WON’T GET ON THE PLANE FOR AUSSIE TOUR Travis Barker, drummer for punk act blink-182, informed his bandmates this week that they […]


Music News Week In Review (Feb. 2 Edition)

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a “week in review” piece, but as 2013 kicks into gear, there seems to be more of a call for it. To enhance your Saturday morning reading, here are a few of the more pithy music news headlines you might have missed during the past week.   DUDE LOOKS LIKE A (REALLY UGLY) LADY This week on American Idol, a nagging question was answered […]

121212 logo

Music News Week in Review (Dec. 8 Edition)

Despite the typical lull that seems to happen with the music scene during the holidays, this week saw plenty in the way of music news headlines. While the passing of jazz legend Dave Brubeck was definitely on our radar this week, here are a few other news headlines from the past week that you might have missed.   CLEAR CHANNEL ANNOUNCES LAYOFFS IN MAJOR MEDIA MARKETS Billboard reported this week […]


Music News Week In Review (Nov. 25 Edition)

It may be Thanksgiving weekend, but there’s still plenty happening in the world of music. (And by that, I mean more than just Black Friday deals at Guitar Center.) Here are a few music news headlines from the past week that you might have missed.   FLAMING LIPS’ WAYNE COYNE SHUTS DOWN OKC AIRPORT It seems like Wayne Coyne gets into our week in review more often than most. Earlier […]


Music News Week In Review (Nov. 10 Edition)

Didn’t get enough music news for the week? Here are just a few of the headlines you might have missed over the past week; coincidentally, they all have something to do with the courts. Just a little light reading while you enjoy your Saturday morning coffee. You’re welcome.   PANDORA SUING ASCAP FOR LOWER ROYALTY RATES Pandora, the largest Internet radio provider, filed suit this week against ASCAP demanding lower […]


Music News Week In Review (Nov. 3 Edition)

It’s been a few weeks since we did a Music News recap, but there’s been a lot going on this week. Here are a few of the more notable headlines and happenings, in case you missed them.   MUSICAL STARS PERFORM HURRICANE SANDY BENEFIT CONCERT Of course, dominating the news this week was the remarkable mega-storm that left much of New York City and the mid-Atlantic coast in ruins. With […]

the beatles love me do

Music News Week In Review (October 6 Edition)

So…our music news headlines this week cover no fewer than three bands (or former bands) celebrating 50-year anniversaries. Call it a mostly retro-themed week in review. Anyhow…here are a few headlines you might have missed recently.   BEATLES FANS OBSERVE 50-YEAR ANNIVERSARY BY BREAKING RECORD IN LIVERPOOL You’ll find lots of odd facts in the Guinness Book of World Records—among them, the most number of Beatles fans who gathered in […]


R.I.P. Andy Williams (1927-2012)

Tuesday night, the world lost another musical icon. Crooner Andy Williams, who spent his golden years performing at his own Moon River Theater in Branson, MO, succumbed to a year-long battle with bladder cancer last night, passing away at his home. He was 84. Williams’ long career as a singer began as a youngster, first singing in the church choir, then with his elder brothers in a quartet. Early professional […]


Universal-EMI Merger Approved On Two Continents: What It Means

And then there were three. Friday, news broke that both the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S. and industry regulators in the European Union had officially approved the long-awaited (and oft-debated) acquisition of EMI by Universal Music Group. The merger makes the largest global purveyor of recorded music even larger, giving Universal a whopping 40 percent of the market share, and effectively reducing the number of major music holding companies […]

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