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New Beyoncé Album Sees 240,000 Illegal Downloads (Analysis)

Are streaming services solving the piracy problem?

Just because music piracy is talked about a little less these days, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still an issue. According to Musicmetric, as reported by Billboard, Beyoncé’s new self-titled album has been illegally downloaded approximately 240,000 times. The release of this “visual album” also sparked renewed interest in the other albums in Beyoncé’s catalog, which also saw increased numbers of illegal downloads recently. Paid sales of Beyoncé have still […]


Music Piracy: Resist Or Adapt?

The article below was first published on The Developing Artist. Given the recent reports that music sales have finally started to become profitable again (suggesting that the effects of music piracy are on the wane), I thought it was a good time to brush the dust off this one, especially considering that some of the things I discuss in this post seem to be coming to pass. Enjoy!   Music […]


Music Piracy, Emily White, and the Ethical Debate over Music Ownership (part 3)

Here’s part 1 of this series… …and part 2…. In concluding this discussion of the music piracy/ownership issue (provoked last week by an online exchange between NPR intern Emily White and music industry artist David Lowery), let me say again that while I have some opinions about right and wrong here, I also am a pragmatist when it comes to helping musicians have successful careers in this changing market. So […]


Music Piracy, Emily White, and the Ethical Debate over Music Ownership (part 2)

Last week, music industry artist and insider David Lowery posted a public response to a blog post by NPR intern Emily White on the issue of music ownership and piracy, which essentially caused both posts to go viral. If you’re late to the party, before reading on, I’d suggest you read part one of this series first—and also the two other articles that prompted this article. (Those links are below.) […]


Music Piracy, Emily White, and the Ethical Debate over Music Ownership (part 1)

Within the past few days, a discourse in the blogosphere has truly underscored the ongoing ethical debate over music piracy, downloading (both legal and illegal), and how artists are or are not fairly paid for their music. An NPR intern named Emily White sparked the conversation with a blog post in NPR’s All Songs Considered in which she declares herself to be an avid music lover and ally to musicians, […]