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PSY Gangnam Style

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Video Achieves Record 2 Billion Views

Bet you thought “Gangnam Style” was a thing of the past, yes?  Nope. The cheesy-yet-catchy dance video by K-Pop artist PSY is still going strong, breaking its own records.  Just seventeen months after becoming the first YouTube video ever to surpass 1 billion views, this week “Gangnam Style” crossed the 2-billion threshold, again being the first YouTube video ever to reach such a milestone. News of the milestone have brought […]


The Best Dance/Electronica Videos of 2013

Forget the likes of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” These videos from the dance/electronica world were far more worthy of your attention in 2013. Avicii vs. Nicky Romero – “I Could Be The One” A refreshing twist on the EDM scene’s usual hedonism, the promo for Avicii’s UK chart-topper focused on a larger 30-something lady’s hopes of escaping the humdrum of daily life with an inspired […]

YouTube Music Awards

First YouTube Music Awards: Awkward but Endearing

In its ongoing attempt to fill its ever-growing shoes and be seen as a legitimate music access outlet (which it really is, by the numbers), last night YouTube held its first-ever music awards show, streamed live from Pier 36 in New York City. As can be typical with first attempts, the show was filled with awkward moments and missteps, both from lack of experience and from the flawed execution of […]


YouTube to Add Subscription Service

Targeting mobile users, aims to compete with Spotify, Pandora

Yeah. So apparently, Google is still not big enough. This week, numerous reports surfaced that Google’s on-demand video service YouTube is planning to release a subscription-based service before the end of this year. The move is largely targeted toward mobile users, and aims to compete with other existing streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. The addition of a subscription tier actually makes good business sense for the streaming video behemoth […]

Alison Gold Chinese Food

Alison Gold’s Unlikely Chart Success with “Chinese Food”

Are the new Internet streaming chart criteria backfiring?

The latest among the viral video sensations, “Chinese Food” by 12-year-old Alison Gold has certainly sparked some conversation, and more than a little controversy, as much for its comparisons to Rebecca Black’s notoriously bad song “Friday” as the speculations of racism that surround it. It’s remarkable what songs happen to break the Hot 100 charts since Billboard changed the rules to include Internet streaming. From K-pop’s surprising dominance with PSY’s […]

Ylvis The Fox

Have You Seen Ylvis’ “The Fox?”

This one falls under the category of I-can’t-believe-this-is-a-YouTube-hit (well-yeah-I-can-kinda-see-why). In the ten days since two Norwegian brothers collectively known as Ylvis posted their video for “The Fox” on YouTube, it has already generated over 30 million views (that’s an average of 3 million a day, for you math people), prompting many to label it the next “Gangnam Style” sensation. The thing is, while “The Fox” is definitely synth-dance-pop, Ylvis are […]

MTV Video Music Awards

Highlights and Lowlights from the MTV VMAs 2013

For an annual awards show known for its outrageous moments, last night’s telecast of MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn was relatively well-behaved. No girl-on-girl-kisses, no outbursts from Kanye, and Lil Kim thankfully kept her boobs covered—and even Miley Cyrus’ ill-advised attempts at visual obscenity in her medley with Robin Thicke were more awkward and unsightly than they were sexy. This year marked the awards show’s […]

Robin Thicke

What’s With All the NSFW Content in Music Videos?

Back in March, R&B artist Robin Thicke released a music video for his song “Blurred Lines” that raised more than a few eyebrows (and heart rates) across the world. His NSFW video featured Thicke singing among a bevy of topless females throughout the song (allegedly filmed with the prior approval of his wife…but still). The video was banned from YouTube, and was replaced with a clothed-model version, but the “unrated” […]