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Gregory Alan Isakov The Weatherman

Gregory Alan Isakov “The Weatherman” – Album Review

Suitcase Town Music (2013)

By all accounts, singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov would seem the least likely candidate to be one of the most in-demand performers of neo-folk—the least likely to have one of the most downloaded albums in the iTunes singer/songwriter category with his independent release The Weatherman, the least likely to be playing to sold-out venues while on tour. He is remarkably unassuming in his tone and stage presence, rarely approaching the top […]


Matt Costa “Matt Costa”—Album Review

Brushfire Records (2013)

When an artist releases a self-titled album (particularly when it isn’t the debut), it’s assumed the artist is making a musical identity statement: “This is who I am.” But I have to be honest: when listening to Matt Costa’s self-titled fourth album, I’m scratching my head trying to figure out who he is, exactly. It isn’t that there aren’t good songs on the album, because there are some brilliant ones, […]


Mumford & Sons Release Foretaste of “Babel” with “I Will Wait”

This week, Mumford & Sons officially unveiled “I Will Wait,” the first single from their much-anticipated upcoming release Babel—signaling to the fans that they won’t have to—er—wait much longer. For the past couple of years, UK-based Mumford & Sons have been riding the crest of the wave of the neo-folk revival, drawing fans across many genres to become one of the most popular acts in the world today. Their debut […]