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House Of Cards Season 2 Trailer Welcomes You Back

  House of Cards is one of, if not the, crowning jewels for Netflix. It’s got an amazing cast, is superbly well written, and has attracted more acclaim than any digital show in history. House of Cards is the prime example of what can happen when it comes to Netflix’s pioneering approach to digital distribution. Of course all of the principle creatives are returning for House of Cards season 2. […]

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind 2

Better Get On Watching These Netflix Movies

Netflix has officially cemented itself as a giant in the world of media and entertainment. From their original incarnation of DVD rental house to digital supplier of movies and television to now a full fledged content creation company, they’re owning everything currently. Well, they still rely on production companies and studs to license films from. As such numerous films are going off of the streaming giant’s site  as of January […]


House of Cards Season 2 Looks Amazing

House of Cards is by far one of the best serialized narratives to have been produced in the past twenty years. The show is made even better by the fact that it’s been produced outside of network tv and outside of cable. The digital revolution is official not going anywhere. The season two trailer for House of Cards has been released and it looks spectacular. To call the show astoundingly […]


Four New Marvel TV Shows Revealed

There’s long been talk of additional television shows based on Marvel superheroes. Recently we’ve heard that there would be four shows planned and a miniseries event. This information has obviously left fans salivating. Today is the day that we all find out what the shows are. Marvel and Netflix are teaming up to produce Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil. and the mini series event? It’s going to […]


Arrested Development Season 2 Being Developed By Netflix

Netflix is officially  looking to move forward with Arrested Development. They’re currently in the process of gather all the actors and creatives in order to produce a second season. Some were concerned over the logistics of getting all the people back together again, but I always figured it would happen. There’s too much money to be made not to make more Arrested Development. According to the show’s producer Brian Grazer: […]