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Introducing: NONONO

The caps lock name might not yet be familiar, but if you’ve happened to stumble across a certain mobile phone commercial, it’s unlikely that you’ve managed to get NONONO’s insanely catchy breakthrough single out of your head. Featuring the kind of impossibly cheery whistling hook that you’d expect to hear from the Seven Dwarfs on their way to work, the stratospheric synth-pop of “Pumpin’ Blood” has already been a massive […]

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Artists to Watch in 2014

Previously, my end-of-year lists have covered artists who were overrated and artists who were worthy of the acclaim they received. In this final installment, I want to put a few bands and artists on your radar that you may not know yet, but who are showing promise and momentum, and whom you’re likely to hear a lot more from in 2014. Here they are, in no particular order (except for […]