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Billie Joe and Norah Foreverly

Billie Joe Armstrong, Norah Jones Tease “Foreverly”

On paper, it looks like the most unlikely pairing of voices in the most unlikely of genres for the most unlikely approach to a tribute record we’ve ever heard of. But it’s actually these unlikelihoods surrounding Billie Joe Armstrong’s teaming with Norah Jones on Foreverly that might just make it work. In the late 1950s, the Everly Brothers were established hitmakers, making their mark on the burgeoning rock scene by […]


“…Little Broken Hearts”: Norah Jones Reinvented

Blue Note (2012)

That saying about a woman scorned? The one no one quotes correctly? Let’s just say it’s remarkable what it can do to an artist’s persona. …Little Broken Hearts is Norah Jones like you’ve never heard her before. It’s a concept album about a woman processing her venomous feelings after a breakup, recorded (not surprisingly) at the end of a personal relationship. While going to some dark places emotionally, it’s a […]