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Pandora Now Accepting Digital Submissions from DIY Artists

If you’re an indie musician wanting to get your music out there, one of the most important places to do that is on Pandora. Unfortunately, many DIY musicians have been disqualified from the submission process because Pandora has only accepted submissions from artists who have a hard-copy CD with a UPC code, available on Amazon. That is, until now. Today, Pandora announced that it is leveling the playing field by […]

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Pandora Drops Monthly Listening Limit for Free Users

In the latest example of not-quite-sure-what-we’re-doing-we’re-making-this-up-as-we-go, effective Sept. 1, Pandora is dropping the 40-song-a-month cap it placed on free mobile listeners back in February. In a rather business-vernacular-heavy statement, Pandora CEO Mike Herring said the change of policy was due to improved cost-control measures and increased advertising revenues. There’s a lot of speculation swirling around this move. While revenues have indeed been on the rise for Pandora, there is still […]


The Pandora Issue: What To Make Of It

If you’re paying the least bit of attention to the music industry, you’ve probably heard a lot of heated rhetoric lately swirling around music streaming service Pandora. In case it all sounds a bit confusing, here is the gist of the argument: Pandora feels it’s paying an unfair amount of royalties to artists, while artists feel they aren’t being paid enough. Right now, the gulf between Pandora and the artists […]


Apple Unveils iTunes Radio: What It Means for Streaming Services

It’s already been an exciting and busy week for technology giant Apple. After lots of buzz and speculation, at this week’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company unveiled new upcoming versions of their operating systems both for desktops and operating devices, as well as a long-overdue new generation of their Mac Pro line, all coming this fall. But perhaps the most significant unveiling where the music industry is concerned […]


Music News Week In Review (Nov. 10 Edition)

Didn’t get enough music news for the week? Here are just a few of the headlines you might have missed over the past week; coincidentally, they all have something to do with the courts. Just a little light reading while you enjoy your Saturday morning coffee. You’re welcome.   PANDORA SUING ASCAP FOR LOWER ROYALTY RATES Pandora, the largest Internet radio provider, filed suit this week against ASCAP demanding lower […]