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pet shop boys west end girls

Pop Rewind: Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls”

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, collectively known as new wave electro-pop duo Pet Shop Boys, had been generating interest in the club scene for several years before their breakout single “West End Girls” catapulted them to international fame. In fact, the version of the song most of us have heard wasn’t the first time it was released as a single. Tennant and Lowe had previously met noted electro-music producer Bobby […]

James Blake Overgrown

Top 20 Dance/Electronica Albums Of 2013 (15-11)

We’re currently counting down the best dance/electronica albums of the year. Here’s the next round, picking it up at number 15. (No.20-16 is here). 15) Boards Of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest Backed by a cryptic promotional campaign, the long-awaited fifth album from the kings of IDM was an equally challenging but ultimately rewarding affair which with its hypnotic array of ice-cold analogue synths, eerie echoed vocal samples and unsettling sound […]

Little Boots

Top 40 Dance/Electronica Singles Of 2013 (30-21)

Continuing our countdown of the best dance/electronica singles of the year (No.40-31 is here) – let’s pick up at number 30. 30) Flume – “The Greatest View” Capping off an incredible twelve months which saw him deny One Direction the number one spot in his native Australia, producer/DJ Flume teamed up with The Preatures’ Isabella Manfredi for a darkly hypnotic piece of symphonic soul on the deluxe edition of his […]

Pet Shop Boys Electric

Pet Shop Boys “Electric” – Album Review

x2 Recordings (2013)

Pet Shop Boys’ hugely underwhelming last album, Elysium, sounded like synth-pop’s most arch duo had simply given up. So it comes as something of a surprise that less than twelve months on, they have returned not only with a brand new record, Electric, but also the most pulsing, energetic and vibrant album of their thirty-year career. Produced by Stuart Price, the man who oversaw a similar return-to-form with Madonna’s Confessions […]


The Worst Dance/Electronica Albums of 2012

Dance music may have become a permanent fixture in the charts this year, but its increasing ubiquity also meant that 2012 saw far more than its fair share of dross. Here’s a look at five of the worst albums from the genre to have been unleashed upon the unsuspecting public over the last twelve months. Deadmau5 – Album Title Goes Here Barely a week went by this year without Canadian […]


Pet Shop Boys “Elysium”–Album Review

Parlophone (2012)

Twenty-seven years after “West End Girls” topped the chart on both sides of the Atlantic, Pet Shop Boys are still as knowingly sardonic as they’ve ever been, even if they’ve only really been preaching to the converted since the mid-90s. Their eleventh studio album, Elysium, contains pot shots at everything from self-obsessed celebrities to their own back catalogue, but the punchy nature of its lyrics is rarely reflected in its […]