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Top 40 Electronic/Dance Singles of 2012 (Part 3: 20-11)

To continue my countdown of the best electronic/dance singles of the year (No.40-31 is here, No.30-21 is here) – let’s pick up at number 20. 20) Jess Mills – “Pixelated People” After collaborating with Breakage on last year’s most hypnotic dubstep anthem, “Fighting Fire,” politician’s daughter Jess Mills proved she could go it alone with a similarly classy blend of rain-soaked synths, sensual melodies and hip-hop samples that suggested Katy […]


Top 20 Electronic Albums of 2012 – (20-16)

With guitar bands continually struggling to make any impact at all, the electronica/dance scene produced some of the most interesting and innovative albums of the year. Proving just how diverse 2012 has been, this list of the Top 20 best long-players includes everyone from piano-rock royalty to Eurovision Song Contest winners to experimental neo-classical composers. Here’s a look at numbers 20-16. 20) Peaking Lights – Lucifer Despite its devilish title, […]


Elton John vs Pnau – Good Morning To The Night

Casablanca (2012)

An aging piano man more renowned for throwing tantrums than throwing shapes and perhaps the most eccentric act to emerge from the thriving Australian indie-disco scene? On paper, a collaboration between Sir Elton John and Sydney duo Pnau seems as unlikely as the pop legend’s previous forays into hip-hop with Eminem and Tupac. However, Good Morning To The Night (set for a July 17 release) is far from a random hook-up. […]