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Sinead O'Connor

Rock Rewind: Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares 2 U”

Sinead O’Connor is certainly no stranger to controversy, between her outspokenness against the music industry and her and her occasionally erratic and confusing rants on Twitter. Most recently, she has been in the news for attempting to offer some motherly advice to the wayward Miley Cyrus, then turning on her when Cyrus mocked her for it. But behind all this drama and controversy, Sinead O’Connor is an artist—a musical artist […]

The Hanson Dilemma: Can “Anthem” Save Them?

3CG Records (2013)

In the music business, there are inherent pitfalls in becoming too big, too quickly. This is something that bro-band Hanson know all too well. In the 1990s, these cute, long-haired Okie teens had a whole generation of tweens “MMBopp”-ing along, their posters plastered across the bedroom walls of almost every young girl in America. But eventually teen heartthrobs grow up, and when the Hanson boys outgrew their teen sensation persona, […]

Ben Fold Five Goes “Live”

Ben Folds/Sony Music (2013)

Anyone else as glad as me to hear these guys together again? Not that Ben Folds isn’t awesome on his own, because he is. But there’s just something about when Ben Folds Five come together with their synergy of pop, rock and jazz that sends me. That synergy doesn’t just come across in their records; it also makes for some amazing live performances. Happily for us, when BFF reunited and […]

Pop Rewind: Roxette “The Look”

Swedish pop duo Roxette is one of those acts who impacted the music of the U.S. for only a short time, but whose international reach went much farther. They only charted here with a few singles over a few years as the 80s’ melded into the 90’s, but in that brief window they helped define the sound of popular music during that time. Meanwhile, they had 19 Top-40 hits in […]

Fitz and the Tantrums “More Than Just a Dream” – Album Review

Elektra Records (2013)

After the runaway success of their debut album Pickin’ Up the Pieces, retro-soul act Fitz and the Tantrums were faced with a unique challenge. Retro acts draw their popularity from drawing upon the emotions and feelings of so-called glory days, but the flip side of this double-edged sword is that if the sound in question went out of vogue once, it will do so again, eventually. Fitz had to find […]

Jessica Sanchez “You, Me and the Music”—Album Review

Interscope (2013)

Enter the latest American Idol contestant to jump into the album chart race. Last remembered by television viewers as the young R&B/pop songstress beat out by current chart topper Phillip Phillips in Season 11, Jessica Sanchez is back on the scene with new record deal, an upcoming role on Glee, and a full-length debut album You, Me and the Music. While Sanchez is primarily remembered for her penchant for power […]

will.i.am “#willpower” – Album Review

Interscope (2013)

You get the feeling that the socially-conscious hip-hop version of will.i.am that arrived in the late 90s would have been ashamed if he saw what he was to become just a decade later. Not content with dragging The Black Eyed Peas down to the lowest common denominator level with a string of mindless ‘fun in the club’ anthems, the 38-year-old is also now inflicting a second wave of trash-pop with […]

Solange “True”: Out Of the Shadows

Sharing a family bond/last name with a superstar can be a double-edged sword: it can provide instant exposure, but it can also cast a huge shadow that may never be dodged. Such has been the dilemma of pop songstress Solange (Knowles). Being Beyoncé’s younger sister definitely has its perks, but it also has the downside that everything Solange has done up to now has instantly been held for comparison against […]

Tony Bennett Tips His Hat to Latin Singers on “Viva Duets”

Columbia (2012)

You gotta hand it to a guy who not only keeps singing after a 60-year career, but who apparently has yet to peak. At 86, Tony Bennett is a music icon who just continues to have a stunningly successful career, his popularity easily matching what it was in his early years, if not surpassing it. At this point, singing with Bennett on his recent “Duets” series of albums has become […]

Shiny Toy Guns “III”: Album Review

Five Seven Music (2012)

Since electro/dance/rock outfit Shiny Toy Guns first gained worldwide renown with their debut We Are Pilots in 2005, the road has been rocky, to say the least: burnout, imploding relationships, and a rather confusing venture away from their signature sound for their sophomore album. Even the release of their new album III has been plagued by so many false release dates that it is easy to lose count. Now, finally, […]

Up-And-Comers: Susanne Sundfør

I know I already wrote an “Up-And-Comers” feature this week, but after hearing “White Foxes,” the single by indie Norwegian singer/songwriter Susanne Sundfør, I just had to put up another one. While not well known here in the U.S. (yet), Sundfør has amassed a significant following in her home country of Norway. Over the past five years, she’s released multiple studio albums, most have which have wound up charting in […]

The MIMO Interview: Meet Churchill

If you haven’t heard the song “Change” by folk/rock band Churchill on the radio, chances are you will soon. (The video is embedded below, if you don’t want to wait.) Since 2009, this five-piece band has been gaining a solid following in their hometown of Denver, Colorado, selling out mid-size venues and winning local band competitions, and being mentored by The Fray and other prominent Denver acts. Recently, Churchill released […]

Joshua Radin “Underwater”—Album Review

Mom + Pop Records (2012)

After a brief exploration of louder, rockier material in his last album, singer/songwriter Joshua Radin has returned to the softer sounds that first defined his music career with his fourth studio release Underwater. In a day where “loud” seems to equal “good” in pop music, who would have thought that a guy whose singing style sounds more like intense whispering than singing could get very far? And yet, Joshua Radin […]

Keane “Strangeland”: A Strange Irony

Strangeland, the new studio release by British alternative band Keane, is a bit puzzling as far as album titles go. On the one hand, it seems a bit ironic, because the band has effectively returned to the familiar sonic territory of Under the Iron Sea; on the other hand, on their way back to familiar territory, it seems the band missed an exit along the way and found themselves lost. […]