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Josh Trank To Direct Solo Star Wars Film

The Disney movie making machine is gearing up to release a Star Wars movie a year. At this point, Episode VII is in production and a spin off film has been announced with Gareth Evans has been announced. We don’t know what what the film will be, but we know that Evans is attached to direct. Today we’ve found out who is directing another Star Wars film. Josh Trank, director […]


‘Welcome To Yesterday’ is Chronicle Meets Primer

Michael Bay is many things but a shrewd businessman is definitely one of his most positive traits. The latest film he’s producing ‘Welcome to Yesterday’ is a genre mashup of time travel tropes and the found footage formula. Welcome To Yesterday feels like if Shane Currath’s brilliant Primer and the surprise summer hit Chronicle were force to have a found footage baby. The end result doesn’t feel terrible just unfortunate. […]


Listen To Shane Currath’s Upstream Color Q&A

Shane Currath is one of those filmmakers that has my attention. Undividedly so. Anytime he gives an interview or a Q&A I always check it out. Currath’s first feature film Primer is one of my all-time favorite films. It’s is as brilliantly complex as anything that I’ve ever seen. I love the movie and when I heard that he was finally releasing a second film I was exstatic. And then […]