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Brand New Unveil Brand New Song ‘Don’t Feel Anything’

It really says something about a rock band’s grass-roots popularity when they’ve all but gone off the grid for six years, with very little but rumors about a new album to go on, and when they play a new song at a show with no introduction, the fan video goes viral. This week, the Interwebs lit up when punk/alternative band Brand New gave concertgoers a foretaste of their long-anticipated upcoming fifth […]

the police roxanne

Rock Rewind: The Police ‘Roxanne’

It was 38 years ago today (Feb. 12) that British punk/new-wave band The Police went into the studio to record their first-ever single “Fall Out” in 1977, for the equivalent of $250. The song never charted and never appeared on a studio album (only on compilations and live recordings), and today only the most dedicated Police fans probably remember it. However, their second single, “Roxanne,” generated enough interest to land […]

tommy ramone

Tommy Ramone Passes Away, Age 62

In a manner of speaking, Friday marked the end of an era. Tommy Ramone, the last surviving original member of pioneer New York punk act The Ramones, died on Friday at the age of 62. He had been in hospice care after unsuccessful treatment for bile duct cancer. The news was confirmed late last night by a post on The Ramones’ official Facebook page: We are saddened to announce the […]

the clash rock the casbah

Rock Rewind: The Clash “Rock the Casbah”

Here’s another example of the many ironies of the music business: The Clash’s biggest hit, 1982’s “Rock the Casbah,” the song that put the British punk band on a worldwide stage, also marked the beginning of their demise. Part of the pioneering first wave of British punk in the mid-1970s, The Clash had spent the past six years building a solid reputation as stalwarts of the emerging punk scene wth […]

Blondie Call Me

Rock Rewind: Blondie “Call Me”

Depending on who you ask, there are basically two songs in Blondie’s catalog which could be considered their “signature hit.” The first is “Heart of Glass,” which we featured in a previous rewind. The other is “Call Me,” which hit the airwaves in 1980. Interestingly enough, both hits were something of an anomaly for the band. While “Heart of Glass” came under fire as too much of a disco hit […]

The Stooges

Stooges Drummer Scott Asheton Passes Away at Age 64

Scott Asheton, founding drummer for iconic punk band The Stooges, passed away Saturday evening from as-yet unspecified causes. He was 64. The world became aware of Asheton’s death via a statement from band frontman Iggy Pop on his Facebook page on Sunday: “My dear friend Scott Asheton passed away last night. “Scott was a great artist, I have never heard anyone play the drums with more meaning than Scott Asheton. […]

Cage the Elephant Melophobia

Cage the Elephant Wax Musical on “Melophobia”—Album Review

RCA (2013)

There have been a lot of attempts to define the raw, passionate sound of Cage the Elephant. They’ve been classified as “alternative,” “garage,” “punk,” “garage punk,” “powerpop”, and more recently, even “glam.” I’ve always just thought of them as “some guys from Kentucky going nuts and losing it onstage.” So given their in-your-face musical history and their penchant for noise, the title of their third album, Melophobia, certainly seems appropriate. […]


Iggy & The Stooges “Ready To Die” –Album Review

Fat Possum Records (2013)

It almost doesn’t matter what your opinion is of Iggy & The Stooges’ new record Ready To Die, because it’s a piece of music history regardless. While Iggy Pop has had a long and successful solo career, this is the first time since 1973’s Raw Power that the band has released an album under this moniker. (Not counting the ill-fated Weirdness released under the name “The Stooges” in 2007.) Point: […]


Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Mosquito” – Album Review

Interscope (2013)

Time for a bit of honesty: I experienced a little bit of mixed emotion, and a lot more in the way of confusion, in listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ latest release Mosquito. But it will take a little bit of a setup to explain why. Does anyone remember the detour U2 took in the early 1990s? They’d reached a real pinnacle with 1987’s The Joshua Tree, an album that played […]


Wavves “Afraid Of Heights” – Album Review

Mom + Pop Records (2013)

“I’ll always be on my own / F**ked and alone” laments Nathan Williams on the title track of Wavves’ fourth studio album Afraid of Heights. Throughout the album, the mood doesn’t change much. Actually, it’s pretty standard fare for a band that has built a reputation on internal turmoil, personnel changes, and self-loathing lyricism set against a musical backdrop combining the pop-punk sensibilities of Green Day with the dark grunge […]


Kate Nash Presents Mixed Bag with “Girl Talk” (Album Review)

have 10p Records (2013)

When pull-no-punches songstress Kate Nash gave fans a foretaste of her shift toward indie-punk with her Death Proof EP a few months ago, she definitely piqued our interest and built our expectations for her upcoming full length. The promised product Girl Talk, however, presents a mixed bag of good and bad that will no doubt make a lot of people scratch their heads and wonder what’s come over her. It’s […]


Green Day: And Then There Were “¡Tré!”

Reprise Records (2012)

Closing out Green Day’s highly publicized trilogy (starting with ¡Uno! and ¡Dos!), the third album ¡Tré! was not scheduled for release until January, but for some reason (perhaps related to Billie Joe Armstrong’s recovery process) the band decided to just put it out there. Perhaps it’s just as well. While this third record aptly reflects the band’s journey historically, it’s also a bit anti-climatic. Where ¡Uno! took us back to […]


Kate Nash Takes a Turn Toward Punk with “Death Proof” EP

Have 10p Records (2012)

Death Proof, the 5-song EP released this week by Kate Nash as a teaser for her upcoming album Girl Talk, is bound to raise a few eyebrows with at least some of her fans. While the British alternative singer-songwriter’s last album My Best Friend Is You took a turn from her original coffeehouse vibe toward more of a Motown/surf rock blend, Death Proof takes an even sharper turn into an […]


Green Day Builds On “¡Uno!” With “¡Dos!”

Reprise Records (2012)

With the release of ¡Dos!, the second album of Green Day’s three-part trilogy, there’s an inherent temptation/compulsion for writers and critics to tie it in with the band’s recent difficulties (namely, Billie Jo Armstrong’s onstage meltdown and current stint in rehab, followed up with the band postponing their tour). But now that I’ve made the obligatory mention of said difficulties, I’d like to talk about ¡Dos! apart from those issues, […]


The Vaccines “Come Of Age”—Album Review

Let’s cut to the chase: UK indie-rock outfit The Vaccines’ sophomore effort Come of Age is good. Really good. Their Ramones/Strokes-influenced blend of indie-rock and pop/punk is wholly appealing. But one might begin to think they don’t know how to title their albums. Consider “exhibit A”—What Did You Expect From the Vaccines? Right off the bat, with the album title, this band preps their audience by lowering their expectations—not entirely […]

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