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Tarantino’s Hateful Eight To Be Performed As A Live Reading

Unfortunatley for the rest of us, Quentin Tarantino’s western script ‘The Hateful Eight’ will never be produced. But, if you’re interested in seeing a live reading of the script you’ll be able to at the LACMA Film Independent program. The program looks like it’s going to be really, really cool. Check out the official synopsis below. And if you’re interested in tickets click HERE. Academy Award®–winning writer/director Quentin Tarantino casts […]


Quentin Tarantino’s Next Screenplay Titled ‘The Hateful Eight’

Quentin Tarantino has said multiple times that he’s going to stop making films when he reached the number ten. Well, if that’s true he’s got two more in him. He’s been rambling about wanting to do another Western, as of late. And according to Deadline, he’s finished the screenplay for it. The title is The Hateful 8. Tarantino has expounded his love for films like The Dirty Dozen and The […]


A Guide to RZA’s Soundtrack Work

This week marks the debut of The Man With the Iron Fists, a film so enamored of its own ludicrousness that it could only have come from minds such as those possessed by Wu-Tang super-producer RZA and pop-culture singularity Quentin Tarantino.   While the movie guarantees a near-lethal helping of the Wu-Tang Clan’s pet eccentricities–Kung-fu, violence, chess (I hope)–it’s far from the RZA’s first foray into the world of cinema. […]