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Record Store Day 2014

It’s Record Store Day. Go Out and Buy Some Records.

So yesterday was Good Friday, and tomorrow is Easter. What to do in the meantime? How about buying some records at your local independent record store? Yes, today, Saturday, April 19, is Record Store Day—the day when music fans around the world show their support of independent record retailers by actually going to the store and buying physical copies of records.  (Anyone remember when we did that sort of thing […]

Jack White Lazaretto

Jack White Aims for World Record on Record Store Day

Jack White loves records.  Not just the vinyl kind (though his love for old-school recordings and attempts to preserve them are well-documented). We’re also talking about the Guinness Book of World Records type of records—the kind that are made to be broken.  After crying foul a few years ago when the Guinness folks refused to accept a one-note White Stripes concert as the shortest concert ever played, White now plans […]

Record Store Day 2014

Dance/Electronica Releases To Look For On Record Store Day 2014

Considering the importance of vinyl in dance music culture, it seems strange that the biggest annual celebration of the format appeared afraid to cater for fans of the genre during its early humble beginnings. But now that its list of releases has grown from just ten on its 2008 debut to over a whopping 600 for this year’s seventh event on April 19, Record Store Day is finally starting to […]

Record Store Day 2014

List of Special Releases Announced for Record Store Day 2014

It’s that time of year again. Less than a month from now (April 19, to be exact), music fans around the world will crowd into hundreds of independent record retailers in honor of Record Store Day 2014. In keeping with the growing tradition, hundreds of notable artists are planning special, one-of-a kind releases that can only be purchased at these independent retailers starting on April 19.  The full list can […]


Record Store Day 2013: Seven Gems to Look For

Record Store Day 2013 is here! First of all—what are you still doing sitting there? Go find your local independent record store from this search menu, and go buy some music from them. But since you are still sitting there—let us help you out a bit. There are literally hundreds of special edition releases that are going to be available today at record stores all around the world, many of […]


Record Store Day 2013 Update: List of Exclusive Releases Available

As we mentioned earlier, Record Store Day 2013 is approaching on Saturday, April 20. Besides being a great time to show support for independent music retailers around the world, one of the best things about Record Store Day is the number of exclusive releases by various artists—limited quantities of special prints, unlikely artist collaborations and other collector’s items. This week, the Record Store Day website published the list of official […]


Record Store Day 2013 Coming Up April 20

Record Store Day 2013 is still 48 days away, but it already promises to be one of the most successful so far, as bands and artists are already announcing special releases for the annual day set aside to celebrate and support independent record stores. Among the notable artists set to support the event with special edition releases is this year’s official Record Store Day ambassador Jack White, who this week […]


Fifth Annual Record Store Day is Saturday, April 21

Independent record store owners, unite! Or something like that. This Saturday, April 21, 2012, is Record Store Day—a day to celebrate and support independent record stores, as well as to honor our musical heritage in general. Now in its fifth year, from its humble beginnings in 2008 at Rasputin Records in Mountain View, CA, Record Store Day has grown into an international phenomenon, with hundreds of exclusive record store releases […]