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Journal Of an Audio Student: Lesson 4 – Microphones

Here’s the next installment of my video diary as a student apprentice of the Recording Connection. In Lesson 4, we discussed microphones in detail. Enjoy!     Continuing my lessons as an apprentice of the Recording Connection…in this lesson I was introduced the various kinds of microphones used in a recording studio (and other settings, as well). I learned about dynamic/moving coil mics, dynamic ribbon and condenser mics (the kinds […]

Journal Of an Audio Student: Lesson 3–Analog vs. Digital

It’s been a few months since we posted in this “Journal Of an Audio Student” series (go here, here, here and here to catch up), but as a reminder, I’ve been documenting my progress as a student of the Recording Connection Audio Institute, a mentor-apprentice course which is taken on-site in a real recording studio. I’m going through this program for my own enrichment as a DIY musician, and I’m really […]

Journal Of an Audio Student: Changing Studios

Continuing my video diary documenting my journey as an audio engineering apprentice through the Recording Connection…the video below describes an issue I encountered during my studies, and how the school’s Student Services resolved the problem by having me change studios.  The quick manner in which they acted showed that they were committed to making sure I had the best experience possible.     Since my last post, I’ve had a […]

Journal Of an Audio Student–Lesson Two: Acoustics

Continuing my video diary series as a student of the Recording Connection audio engineering training program…Lesson 2 dealt with acoustics, particularly as it relates to studio design. It was very interesting to take an in-depth tour of the studio, not just looking at the aesthetics of the different rooms, but also the materials used to build it. My mentor/instructor explained what materials were behind the walls to help them control […]

Journal of an Audio Student: Introduction

This post launches a new series called “Journal of an Audio Student,” a video diary by yours truly as I go through a special apprenticeship program as an audio engineering student. As a bit of introduction…while I cover topics related to DIY musicians in this column, I myself am a DIY musician—a singer/songwriter and composer. Recently, I decided to take a course in audio engineering because while I have many […]