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The Most Awkward Interview Ever

Bruce Willis is notorious for being a bit of a…. well, to put it bluntly, an asshole. He’s been known to hold up major motion picture production for days as he throws tantrums over minor elements of the plot. Well, Mr Willis has apparently had enough of promoting his own work. He’s not going to do it anymore. And by ‘not going to do it’ I mean show up to […]


Why Taylor Swift Snubbed the Major Streaming Services with “Red”—For Now

It appears you can’t always play your favorite music for free on Spotify, Rhapsody, Mog or other streaming music services. The artist and label have to release it to those services. It was all over the news this week how Taylor Swift’s hot new release Red was decidedly NOT going to be available for streaming, perhaps for a couple of months, at least. In other words, if you want to […]


Taylor Swift “Red”: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Big Machine Records (2012)

One would think it was Superbowl weekend. Let’s just say when retailers like Walgreens use their marquis to count down the days until Taylor Swift’s Red is available, it’s a sign of just how much hype has surrounded the release of the latest album by country music’s hottest young superstar. The pitfall with this much PR, of course is, that there is a huge expectation that the album must live […]