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David Bowie

Music Icon David Bowie Dead at 69

David Bowie, arguably one of the most influential figures in modern music for the past 40-plus years, died on Sunday, Jan. 10 after a battle with cancer. He was 69. While previous rumors of his death in years past were greatly exaggerated, the news has been confirmed by Bowie’s representatives and his son Duncan Jones (via Twitter). The following statement appears on Bowie’s official Facebook page: “David Bowie died peacefully […]

scott weiland

Stone Temple Pilots Frontman Scott Weiland Dead at 48

Scott Weiland, who rose to fame as the lead vocalist for grunge-rock band Stone Temple Pilots and supergroup Velvet Revolver, has died, according to multiple sources. He was 48. Weiland had been touring with his current band, the Wildabouts, when as TMZ reports, he was found dead on the tour bus at around 9pm on Thursday. An official statement was posted last night on Weiland’s Instagram account: “Scott Weiland, best […]

Linkin Park Meteora

Rock Rewind: Linkin Park “Numb”

Sometimes a band becomes legendary because of a song that stands out among the others (like Foreigner, in last week’s Rewind). Other times, the band becomes legendary because of its sound.  When Linkin Park emerged on the scene with Hybrid Theory in 2000, their combining of alternative, metal and rap elements into an angsty wall of sound captivated listeners, each single seeming to perform better than the last, and making […]

Daughtry Baptized

Daughtry “Baptized” –Album Review

19 Recordings/RCA (2013)

From one point of view, it’s hard to feel sorry for Chris Daughtry. After his shocking 4th-place elimination from American Idol Season 5, his popularity has carried him onward to become the best selling AI alumnus who didn’t actually win the competition, going platinum with his first two outings and trailing behind only Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood in total record sales. On the other hand, he does deserve a […]

Edie Brickell

Rock Rewind: Edie Brickell & New Bohemians “What I Am”

It almost seems unfair to categorize Edie Brickell as a one-hit wonder, because she is perhaps one of the more underrated talents in modern music. The wife of Paul Simon has only scored one top-ten hit with “What I Am”, performed under the moniker Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. Released in 1988 on the album Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars, the single caused the album to go double-platinum, while “What […]

Editors “The Weight Of Your Love” –Album Review

PIAS (2013)

Sometimes the overall reception of a new album is simply a matter of context. The irony of situation for British alt-rock outfit Editors is that their ill-fated attempt at Euro-synth-rock with 2009’s In This Light and On This Evening actually puts them in a good position, because any shift in musical direction is likely to be seen as a positive move. Enter The Weight Of Your Love, the band’s fourth studio […]

The MIMO Interview: We As Human

Hard rock band We As Human broke into the music industry in a way that almost never happens anymore: they were “discovered.” After years of plugging away at their craft and playing their big-sounding music in tiny venues, one of their demos was passed to John Cooper of veteran rock act Skillet. This led to an introduction, and eventually a record deal, with Atlantic Records. Now poised to hit the […]

Ben Fold Five Goes “Live”

Ben Folds/Sony Music (2013)

Anyone else as glad as me to hear these guys together again? Not that Ben Folds isn’t awesome on his own, because he is. But there’s just something about when Ben Folds Five come together with their synergy of pop, rock and jazz that sends me. That synergy doesn’t just come across in their records; it also makes for some amazing live performances. Happily for us, when BFF reunited and […]

Pop Rewind: Roxette “The Look”

Swedish pop duo Roxette is one of those acts who impacted the music of the U.S. for only a short time, but whose international reach went much farther. They only charted here with a few singles over a few years as the 80s’ melded into the 90’s, but in that brief window they helped define the sound of popular music during that time. Meanwhile, they had 19 Top-40 hits in […]

Rock Rewind: Oasis “Wonderwall”

Rock/Britpop band Oasis are one of those bands whose legacy has as much to do with the bands they have influenced as their music itself. Claiming The Beatles as their own biggest influence, Oasis came to their heyday in the mid-1990s amidst a well-publicized rivalry with fellow Britpop artists Blur. Since that time, they have been cited as a primary influence by the likes of Coldplay, Maroon 5, The Strokes, […]

Fall Out Boy (Claim To) “Save Rock and Roll” –Album Review

Island/Def Jam (2013)

Yep, the boys are back. The paradoxical underachievers/legends-in-their-own-minds known as Fall Out Boy, after what was described as an indefinite hiatus, have shown back up on the radar after five years, demanding the spotlight with their new album Save Rock and Roll as though they had never been away. Fall Out Boy has had an entertaining history, to say the least, evolving from object of interest to the heights of […]

Paramore Reboots with Self-Titled Album (Review)

Fueled By Ramen (2013)

Let’s cut to the chase: don’t expect the eponymous fourth album from Paramore to sound much like the Paramore you’re used to. After the much-talked-about, apparently less-than-amicable departure of the Farro brothers in 2010, pretty much leaving the band name to Haley Williams to keep or discard, Williams has teamed up with new bandmates Jeremy Davis and Taylor York to reboot Paramore in a big way. And I do mean […]

Cold War Kids Regain Ground with “Dear Miss Lonelyhearts”

Downtown Music, LLC (2013)

It’s never a good sign when the first thing people think of when hearing your band name is how bad your last album was. For Cold War Kids, 2011’s widely panned Mine Is Yours has been something of a blight on their existence, and unfortunate blemish to try and live down. Happily for them, the band’s fourth release Dear Miss Lonelyhearts marks a significant recovery and refocusing for them, a […]

Paramore to Unveil Fourth Album Over Four Nights This Week

For fans who have been waiting a long time for the new, self-titled album by alternative/emo rock band Paramore, the wait is almost over—but not without a bit of hoopla preceding it. While Paramore is not due to drop until April 9, the band has announced that they will be premiering the new record over the next four nights (April 1-4) on their website, paramore.net. Titled “Four Sides/Four Nights” (indicating […]

The Strokes “Comedown Machine” – Album Review

RCA (2013)

Let’s just start by saying that if it were anyone besides Julian Casablancas leading this band, it would be easy to identify The Strokes as a band that have completely lost their way. After the mixed reviews that followed their 2011 release Angles, they’ve spent two years purposely out of the spotlight, guarding their movements carefully, revealing little more to the public than little snippets that only heightened the mystery. […]