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Billie Joe and Norah Foreverly

Billie Joe Armstrong, Norah Jones Tease “Foreverly”

On paper, it looks like the most unlikely pairing of voices in the most unlikely of genres for the most unlikely approach to a tribute record we’ve ever heard of. But it’s actually these unlikelihoods surrounding Billie Joe Armstrong’s teaming with Norah Jones on Foreverly that might just make it work. In the late 1950s, the Everly Brothers were established hitmakers, making their mark on the burgeoning rock scene by […]

John Mayer Paradise Valley

John Mayer “Paradise Valley” –Album Review

Columbia Records (2013)

Contrary to popular belief, time apparently does not heal all wounds—or at least, heal them as quickly as people would like. Even though it’s been several years since John Mayer has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, his name still seems to be a bit polarizing when spoken in public, evoking memories of arrogant, off-the-cuff statements and TMI stories of girlfriends past. But here’s the thing: almost […]


Up-and-Comers: Aoife O’Donovan

It hardly seems fair to classify Aoife (pronounced “EE-fah”) O’Donovan as an up-and-comer, seeing as she’s pretty much a veteran in the Americana/folk scene. Many fans will probably recognize her voice as the centerpiece of string band Crooked Still, and some will also remember her as a member of female folk-noir act Sometymes Why. In her time, she’s shared both stage and studio with the likes of Chris Thile, Sarah […]


Dispatch “Circles Around the Sun” –Album Review

Bomber Records (2012)

When Dispatch went on “indefinite hiatus” around a decade ago, it broke the hearts of a lot of fans. Since that time, we’ve had very few opportunities to see them, with the notable exception of the “Dispatch: Zimbabwe” benefit shows in Madison Square Garden in 2007. But after throwing us a bone with a new EP last year, the Dispatch reunion is now complete with their first full studio release […]