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john cougar jack and diane

Rock Rewind: John Cougar (Mellencamp) “Jack & Diane”

First it was Johnny Cougar. Then just John Cougar. Then it was John Cougar Mellencamp. Then just John Mellencamp. Rarely has a musical artist gone through so many moniker changes over the course of a career (right up there with Sean Combs-Diddy-P Diddy-Puff Daddy). But regardless of the name changes, Mellencamp’s unique style of heartland rock has been a constant force, his songs evoking indelible images of the American Midwest. […]

Sheryl Crow Feels Like Home

Sheryl Crow Dives Headlong Into Country with “Feels Like Home”

Warner Music Nashville (2013)

Surprise, surprise. Roots-rocker Sheryl Crow has been maintaining an ongoing flirtation with the country scene for years—you know, hanging out in Nashville, showing up on country music awards shows, collaborating with country stars, etc., etc. So when it came out that her latest effort Feels Like Home would be decidedly a country album, the collective reaction was less shock-and-awe and more “it’s about damn time.” The thing is, between the […]

world from moon

Phillip Phillips Views “The World From the Side of the Moon”

19 Recordings (2012)

Since vocalist Phillip Phillips first arrested America’s attention with his victory on American Idol Season 11, his advance single “Home” has further solidified his place in current pop culture. (You probably recognize the tune even if you don’t know who is singing it.) Now, with the release of his debut album The World From the Dark Side of the Moon, Phillips gives us an even greater taste of who he […]


Lisa Marie Presley Grows Up on “Storm and Grace”

Universal Republic (2012)

When it comes to being viewed as a serious musical artist, few people have had the particular obstacles that Lisa Marie Presley has had to face. Fame was never the issue—her daddy’s shadow ensured she would spend her life in public scrutiny, and her own colorful past simply enhanced that aspect. Rather, the challenge has always been to rise above those secondary claims to fame and be seen simply as […]


Levon Helm Passes Away at Age 71

It’s been a week of loss in the entertainment industry: first Dick Clark, and now rock legend Levon Helm. After a long bout with throat cancer, Helm passed quietly in his sleep on April 19, surrounded by friends. He was 71. Helm is probably best known as the drummer for The Band, the legendary roots-rock group from the ‘60s and ‘70s. His lead vocals appear on The Band’s hit songs […]