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Shane Black Talks Doc Savage

Up until Ironman 3 Shane Black was one of my favorite writers and directors. Now? I’m a bit weary. His treatment of the Mandarin was unconscionable.  There were so many impressive moments in Ironman 3 and so much abject failure towards the end of the movie. It really made me stop and evaluate my avuncular feeling toward Black. Regardless of how I feel, Ironman 3 made a boatload of money. […]


Monster Squad (Film Review)

    The fact that Monster Squad failed at the box office in 1987 is undeniable proof that there is no higher power. If there were some bearded all-knowing all-seeing entity living above us somewhere he or she would have intervened to ensure that The Monster Squad made money, established a franchise, and was heralded as a shining example of narrative craftsmanship.   But there is no God, Monster Squad […]