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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Get Interviewed!

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are two of the most acclaimed actors currently living. With some of the most beloved franchises of all time under their belts these two men are arguable two of the most recognizable humans on the planet. From Lord of the Rings to Star Trek to X-men, McKellen and Stewart are Goliathas of modern cinema. They’re also really good friends. They’re two men who enjoy each […]


Star Trek Cast Interview

Star Trek is a global phenomenon. The original show was cancelled after three seasons and since then it has spawned four television series, twelve feature films, and animated televisions show, and almost immeasurable merchandise. From the original cast there are two individuals who are constantly payed tribute to: William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. The other members of the cast? Oh, sure they’re around but most people don’t care. Well, in […]


Star Trek Geek Round Table

Right now is an interesting time to be a Star Trek fan. There’s a feature film franchise, TNG is about to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary, and the original seres is about to turn fifty. In that context, looking back and looking forward, what did Trek mean, what will Trek mean, and what does it mean currently. A virtual all-star panel of Star Trek writers and fans were gathered by GEEK […]


Niel Blomkamp Talks Star Trek 3

Neil Blomkamp is one of those directors that everyone loves. He’s talented, he’s got a distinct point of view, and he seems like a nice dude. It seems like only a matter of time until he gets snapped up by a franchise. The rumor mill was swirling around left and right just before JJ Abbrams was officially attached to direct Star Wars Episode VII that Blomkamp was in heavy contension. […]


No, It’s Really Good: Star Trek III: Search For Spock

No, It’s Really Good is going to be a recurring column in which I examine overlooked or under appreciated films. Today’s film is Star Trek III: Search For Spock. Maybe this is an extremely unpopular opinion but I’d put Star Trek III: The Search For Spock up against any film in the franchise.   Let’s take a quick step backwards and remember some of the history that got us to […]