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Why All the Hype About Beats Music?

The new Dre/Iovine streaming music service releases tomorrow. Should you care?

Tomorrow, January 21, yet another streaming music service will start competing for market share with Spotify, Pandora and others. (Really? Another one?) And while each new entrant tends to create some boot-rattling, this one seems to be making more waves than others. Beats Music, the latest installment in the Dr. Dre/Jimmy Iovine audio franchise, promises a whole new music listening and music discovery experience that, if it does what it […]

iTunes Radio

Apple Releases iOS7, and More Importantly, iTunes Radio

We are soon to discover whether all the speculation and apprehension over the summer was worth sweating over. Yesterday, Apple officially released its new iOS7 platform for its iPhone and iPad product lines—and integrated with it, the long-awaited and oft-talked-about iTunes Radio. Declaring itself (perhaps a bit presumptuously) to be “radio re-imagined” on the Apple website, iTunes Radio is designed to compete directly with existing streaming services like Spotify and […]

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Pandora Drops Monthly Listening Limit for Free Users

In the latest example of not-quite-sure-what-we’re-doing-we’re-making-this-up-as-we-go, effective Sept. 1, Pandora is dropping the 40-song-a-month cap it placed on free mobile listeners back in February. In a rather business-vernacular-heavy statement, Pandora CEO Mike Herring said the change of policy was due to improved cost-control measures and increased advertising revenues. There’s a lot of speculation swirling around this move. While revenues have indeed been on the rise for Pandora, there is still […]

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Parsing the Spotify/Thom Yorke-Nigel Godrich Beef

In case you hadn’t heard, Thom Yorke (of Radiohead) and Nigel Godrich have a beef with Spotify, the international music streaming service. Together, the pair comprise a side project called Atoms For Peace, and this past weekend, as Pitchfork reports, they pulled all their Atoms For Peace material from Spotify in protest of the streaming services alleged unfair payout practices. Godrich put it this way on his Twitter account: “New artists […]


The Pandora Issue: What To Make Of It

If you’re paying the least bit of attention to the music industry, you’ve probably heard a lot of heated rhetoric lately swirling around music streaming service Pandora. In case it all sounds a bit confusing, here is the gist of the argument: Pandora feels it’s paying an unfair amount of royalties to artists, while artists feel they aren’t being paid enough. Right now, the gulf between Pandora and the artists […]


Google Jumps Onto Streaming Music Bandwagon with “All Access”

As of Wednesday, music fans now have another option for streaming music online. Howbeit a bit late to the party, Google has unveiled a streaming music service designed to compete with juggernauts Spotify and Pandora, which it is calling “Google Play Music All Access.” (Or more likely, “All Access” for short.) With this new service, which Google’s Chris Yerga described at the official unveiling at Google’s I/O developer’s conference in […]


Why Taylor Swift Snubbed the Major Streaming Services with “Red”—For Now

It appears you can’t always play your favorite music for free on Spotify, Rhapsody, Mog or other streaming music services. The artist and label have to release it to those services. It was all over the news this week how Taylor Swift’s hot new release Red was decidedly NOT going to be available for streaming, perhaps for a couple of months, at least. In other words, if you want to […]