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swagga like us grammy

Swagga Like Us: A Flashback

And now for a flashback. Today, we look into the annals of time to remember one of the greatest live performances in hip-hop history. I’m talking the 2009 51st Grammy Award performance of the hit single “Swagga Like Us”. T.I. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and the jiggaman himself, Jay Z, took the stage like a modern-day rat pack (or as Queen Latifah introduced them, a “rap pack”) and showed the world […]

ti new national anthem

T.I. Takes on Michael Brown, Guns, Police Brutality With “New National Anthem”

I always knew there was something of a revolutionary in the rapper T.I. Yes, he’ll always hand it in with commercial candy-coated hits, but somewhere deep in there is that Trouble Man – that same troubled spirit that led Marvin Gaye to ask, “What’s Going On?” As I predicted in my last article covering hip-hop’s reaction to the Michael Brown police shooting, more hip-hop celebs are coming forth. Following in […]

ti iggy no mediocre

T.I. and Iggy (and Azealia Banks) Don’t Want “No Mediocre”

When it comes to women, T.I. lets it be known in his new single that he wants “No Mediocre”.  T.I.’s southern twang tossed over Brazilian steel drums sounds like butta. Only drawback, Mr. Tip’s lyrics are a bit tooo simple: “Right hand in the air, I solemnly swear / I never f**k a b**ch if she don’t do her hair”.  Sounds like something out of a kindergarten playground, instead of […]

T.I. “Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head”–Album Review

Atlantic Records (2012)

T.I. has definitely returned with a vengeance. After constant legal troubles landed the rapper in prison for multiple stints, T.I. went back to the drawing board and reconfigured his focus. That strong focus can be heard through your speakers on T.I.’s latest, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head. This return to form is exactly what T.I.’s fans have been clamoring for. The “Kang” of the South reclaims his crown and […]