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paul kalkbrenner 7

Paul Kalkbrenner ‘7’ – Album Review

His first release since signing a major deal with Sony Records, German techno maestro Paul Kalkbrenner‘s album 7 raids the label’s vaults for a “life-embracing” affair, suggesting that elusive mainstream breakthrough in America may be just around the corner. Indeed, with its sample of Luther Vandross’ 80s classic “A Thousand Kisses,” “A Million Days” could well follow in the chart-topping footsteps of Robin Schulz’s similar tropical house makeovers, while the […]

andy stott faith in strangers

Andy Stott ‘Faith In Strangers’ – Album Review

Modern Love (2014)

Nine months after dropping his long-awaited collaborative effort with Miles Whittaker, Manchester dub techno producer Andy Stott returns to the solo fold with another doom-laden affair you wouldn’t want to meet down a dark alley, Faith In Strangers. Its nine epic soundscapes may largely abandon the brutal bass/beats approach that defined Millie & Andrea’s Drop The Vowels earlier this year, but packed with eerie ghostly melodies, foreboding synth drones and […]

Millie & Andrea Drop the Vowels

Millie & Andrea “Drop The Vowels” – Album Review

Modern Love (2014)

Six years after joining forces (sort of), the confusingly named Millie & Andrea, aka UK dub producer Andy Stott and Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker, finally get round to releasing a full-length album “borne from a love of both pop and club music,” Drop The Vowels. Featuring eight tracks recorded separately at their respective Manchester and Berlin studios, the quick follow-up to January’s Stage 2 EP is unlikely to be gracing […]

Simian Mobile Disco “Live” – Album Review

Delicacies (2013)

Possibly the only dance act that Deadmau5 hasn’t been shooting his mouth off about lately, British electronic duo Simian Mobile Disco certainly don’t fit in with his whole ‘just press play’ grievances. Indeed, far from relying on the ready-made mixes favoured by many of their peers, their first live album was recorded using an array of synths, 909s and effects pedals in one continuous long take during a Philadelphia set […]

Hadouken! Aim For the Big League on “Every Weekend”

Surface Noise Records (2013)

With their chaotic blend of breakneck speed techno, riotous dub-metal and punishing hip-hop, London quintet Hadouken! once had the whole grindie, nu-rave, dance-punk, whatever you want to call it scene virtually sewn up. But with the whole EDM movement exploding during their two year absence, the band now find themselves competing with the whole US brostep crowd for their third album, Every Weekend. Now on their own Surface Noise Recordings […]

Jamie Lidell Shakes Off Maroon 5 Tag With Eponymous Fifth Album

Warp (2013)

Initially an experimental techno artist, Nashville-based Brit Jamie Lidell then became the most out-of-place act on the Warp label’s roster after essentially turning into a one-man Maroon 5 with 2005’s Multiply. Undeterred by the fact that he’s a white guy who grew up in a market town in Cambridgeshire, the 39-year-old now delves even further into the Minneapolis synth-funk scene of the 80s with a self-titled fifth studio album that […]