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Top 20 Dance/Electronica Albums Of 2013 (10-6)

Continuing our countdown of the best full-length dance/electronica releases of 2013 (20-16 is here, 15-11 is here), here are numbers 10-6. 10) Thundercat – Apocalypse Much less of a chin-stroker than his Brainfeeder labelmates, singer-bassist Thundercat took in everything from melancholy-drenched electro soul (“Tenfold”) to 70s yacht-rock (“Without You”) to fully-fledged party funk (“Oh Sheit It’s X”) on a wondrously hook-laden second effort which proved he’d fully outgrown his mentor, […]


Thundercat “Apocalypse” – Album Review

Brainfeeder (2013)

Previously a member of both a boyband who scored a minor German hit in the early 00s and Los Angeles skate-punk outfit Suicidal Tendencies, it’s little surprise that singer-bassist Stephen Bruner is much less of a chin-stroker than his Brainfeeder label mates. Indeed, despite the presence of long-time collaborator Flying Lotus, his second album under the guise of Thundercat, Apocalypse, certainly isn’t averse to the concept of traditional song structures […]